DemList 2020 Election Protection Connection

In the last stretch it comes down to boots on the ground and the scramble to make sure every vote is guaranteed and counted.

To help connect and inform the family, DemList has created the Election Protection Connection - a central source listing of trusted national and state-by-state voter protection efforts, volunteer opportunities and voter information.



Campaign and Party General Sign Up Links

Biden-Harris Volunteer Information Flyers:

Biden-Harris Volunteer SignUp:

Biden-Harris National Phone Bank SignUp:

Biden/Harris Voter Protection Poll Watcher SignUp:

Biden-Harris “Late Help” in Battleground States Volunteer Form:

Progressives for Biden: Volunteer Options:

Biden Coalition Phone Bank Tree:

Democratic National Committee I Will Vote:

En Español: Vamos a votar:, 866-296-8686

Make a Plan to Vote:

I Will Vote: 833-336-8683 or text ACCESS to 43367

2020 Victory Vote Joe Friendbank:

2020 Victory Call Crew Training:

2020 Victory Battleground States Callers:

2020 Victory Spanish Calls Program Llamando Contigo:

Voter Resources:

Look Up a Voting Location: Text VOTE to 433-67 for English or text VOTAR to 433-67 for Spanish. Includes early vote, ballot drop off, and E-day polling places depending on the state.

Information on Availability of Curbside Voting: Text CURBSIDE to 433-67. Useful for seniors and voters with disabilities.

Campaign Priorities in the

Young Americans for Biden: Late Volunteer Opportunities!

Democrats Abroad: Questions:


Election Protection Resources: Partisan and Non-Partisan

Accessibility Textable Hotline: 833.923.2020

American Sign Language (Video Call): 301.818.8683

Election Protection:

Election Protection Hotline: 866.686.8683

Election Protection/NALEO: ya es hora ¡Ve y Vota! Voter Information:

ya es hora ¡Ve y Vota! Hotline: (888-839-8682)


Common Cause Education Fund: Report Disinformation!

Democratic National Committee:

Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection Georgetown Law:

Election Protection Legal Materials:

Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights (LCCR) Lawyers sign up:

Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights (LCCR) Non-Lawyers sign up:


NAACP Lawyers sign up:

NAACP Questions & Non Lawyers wanting to assist contact:


National Conference of State Legislatures:

Protection The Results:

The United Conference of Mayors:

Report Voter Suppression:

Voters with Disabilities: 602.274.6287 or 800.927.2260

Note: Links include non-partisan resources. DemList is an LLC and not legally affiliated with any political party.



Biden-Harris Multilingual National Voter Assistance Hotline SignUp:

2020 Victory Multilingual National Voter Assistance Hotline Training:: Apache, Arabic, Cantonese, Creole, French, Hindi, Hmong, Korean, Mandarin, Navajo, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, or Vietnamese.

I Will Vote Spanish Language Text-Line: Text ACCESO to 433-67

Asian and Pacific Islander American Voter Hotline:

AAPI Multi-lingual Voter Assistance Hotline: 1-888-API-VOTE (1-888-274-8683)

AAPI Voting Rights Videos:

We The Action: Nonpartisan Language Assistance Volunteers AAPI voters:

Arab American Institute USA Arabic Hotline: 844-925-5287



Greenfly App: Use code DEMSTEAM to join for reliable content to share on social media

Vote Joe App:



2020 Victory National Opportunities In Your Region



Poll Watcher Sign-Up:



Alaska Democrats Voter and Volunteer Information:

Alaska Voter Protection Hotline: 833-336-8683



Mission for

Mission for Arizona Volunteer Ballot Cure Phone/Textbanks Volunteer

Arizona Voter Hotline: 1-833-VOTE-4-AZ

Voter Hotline Volunteer Sign-up:



Colorado Voter Assistance Hotline: 720.580.0148

Calendar of Events: Trainings, Phone Banks, other:

Colorado Victory 2020 GOTV:




24/7 Voter Protection Hotline: (833) 868-3352

Poll Watcher Training: In-person or virtually:

Early Vote Site Volunteer Trainings _recTR_X__F1_S1_C1__FLvol

Voter Protection Information and Resources:




Georgia Voter Assistance Hotline:  888.730.5816



Iowa Voter Assistance Hotline: 515.293.6860

Iowa Volunteer Opportunities Summary: usp=sharing)

In-Person Opportunities

Election Day Poll Observer Training:

Absentee Counting Board Observer Training:

Remote Opportunities

Ballot Cure Team Briefing:

Absentee Virtual Ballot Chase and Cure Phone Bank:

Hotline Recruitment Phone Bank




Voter Protection Hotline:  844-KSVOTES (844-578-6837)

Voting/Election Information

Early Voting Location Look-up

Voter Protection Team Sign-up

Poll Agent Training



Maine Voter Assistance Hotline: 207.990.0788

Maine Late Help: GOTV and Phone Banking:

Maine Questions:



Voter Protection Email Contact:

Voter Protection Hotline: 833-638-6837



Michigan Voter Assistance Hotline: 207.990.0788



Minnesota Voter Assistance Hotline: 833.335.8683



North Carolina Voter Assistance Hotline:  833.868.3462

NC Voter Protection Chase & Cure Canvass SuperVolunteers

Chase/Cure Phone Bank Hotline: Ballot

NC Voter Protection Poll (Inside Poll Watchers must be NC resident)

NC Voter Assistance

NC Dem Voter

Language Skills Volunteers:

All NC Opportunities

North Carolina Questions:



Nebraska Voter Assistance Hotline: 531.201.0333



New Hampshire Voter Assistance Hotline: 603.466.8683



Nevada Voter Assistance Hotline: 888.525.8683



Ohio Voter Resources:

Ohio Voter Protection Team Volunteer: In-State Election Day Poll Observers in Major Cities: (Inside Poll Watchers must be NC resident)

Out Of State Poll Workers Coming to Ohio:

Election Day Poll observer Training

Election Day Assignments:

Ohio Voter Protection Hotline Training:

Voter Protection Hotline: 844-OH-I-VOTE (844.644.8683)

Out-Of-State-Volunteer Ohio PO:

Ohio Questions:



Pennsylvania Dems Voter Protection Cafe: Phone Banks:

Pennsylvania Dems General Voter Protection Sign Up:

Pennsylvania Dems Voter Assistance Hotline:

Pennsylvania Dems Voter Assistance Hotline Voicemail Crew:

Pennsylvania Late Help: Experienced Full Time through the Election:

Back to Blue Remote Canvass Training:

Back To Blue Phonebank and Canvass Volunteer Opportunities

Pennsylvania State Hotline: 833.728.6837,

Pennsylvania Late Help Questions:




South Carolina Voter Assistance Hotline: 855.785.0222

South Carolina Democratic Party Voter Protection Program Volunteers

South Carolina Democratic Party Voter Protection Program Hotline Training

South Carolina Democratic Party Voter Protection Program Poll Watchers Trainings: (Tuesdays) (Thursdays) (Saturdays)

South Carolina Democratic Party Voter Protection Program Boiler Room Trainings

South Carolina Election Commission Poll Worker Information:

No Poll Worker Application:

South Carolina Questions:



Texas Voter Assistance Hotline:  844.898.6837

Texas Democratic Party Election Day Poll Watchers Needed for 254 counties (must be a registered Texas voter in the county)

Texas Democratic Party Phone Banking: For volunteers trained on the National Hotline using Dialpad and LBJ:

Volunteer for Texas Hotline

Texas Voter Protection Hotline

Texas Voter Protection Hotline: 1-866-687-8683

Texas Questions:



Vermont Voter/Election

Voter Protection Hotline: 844-888-6837



Virginia Voter Assistance Hotline: 844.482.8683

Virginia 2020 Victory Phone Bank to Recruit Voter Protection Volunteers

Virginia 2020 Victory Training for Virginia Voter Hotline

Virginia Central Absentee Precinct Observer Training:

Virginia 2020 Victory Poll Observer Trainings  (Must be a Virginia voter to be an inside poll observer)



Washington Voting Information

Spanish Language Washington Voting Information

Voter Protection Hotline: (206) 309-VOTE

Spanish Voter Protection Hotline: texto con la palabra PLAN al 55444



Wisconsin Voter Assistance Hotline: 608.336.3232

Wisconsin 2020 Victory GOTV Phone Banks