DemDaily: Your Voter Registration

September 14, 2016

There are three key categories of voting in the United States.

In most states, citizens sign up as voters prior to Election Day, with a cutoff for registration somewhere between 3 and 30 days before the election, but the policy varies from state-to-state regarding requirements, sub-categories and deadlines:

Voter Registration: Registration by mail, online or same-day registration.

Early Voting: Process for voting in advance of the scheduled election day - by mail, online or in person at a designated polling location.

Absentee Voting: Where an individual who expects to be absent on election day may vote by mail, which entails an absentee ballot request deadline, as well as ballot submission deadline.

All 50 states and the territories, including Democrats voting abroad, are still open to voter registration. For your convenience, the deadlines for each!

State By State Voter Registration Deadlines
State Registration Deadline
Alabama October 24*
Alaska October 9*
American Samoa October 10
Arizona October 10*
Arkansas October 10
California October 24*
Colorado October 31*
Connecticut November 1*
Delaware October 15*
District of Columbia October 11*#
Florida October 11
Georgia October 11*
Guam October 28
Hawaii October 10*
Idaho October 14#
Illinois October 11*
Indiana October 11*
Iowa October 29*#
Kansas October 18*
Kentucky October 11*
Louisiana October 11*
Maine October 18#
Maryland October 18*
Massachusetts October 19*
Michigan October 11
Minnesota October 18*#
Mississippi October 8
Missouri October 12*
Montana October 11#
Nebraska October 21*
Nevada October 8*
New Hampshire October 29#
New Jersey October 18
New Mexico October 11*
New York October 14*
North Carolina October 14
North Dakota No Formal Registration Required
Northern Mariana Islands October 10
Ohio October 11
Oklahoma October 14
Oregon October 18*
Pennsylvania October 11*
Puerto Rico September 19
Rhode Island October 9
South Carolina October 8*
South Dakota October 24
Tennessee October 11
Texas October 11
Utah October 11*
Vermont November 2
Virgin Islands October 9
Virginia October 17*
Washington October 31*#
West Virginia October 18*
Wisconsin October 19#
Wyoming October 24#
If there are any updates or changes to this information, please let us know!
*  Also have Online Registration
# Have Same-Day Registration
For additional information on your state's individual voter regulations and deadlines, check out:
Every vote counts!
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