DemDaily: Update On The Outstanding! And Where We’ve Won

November 15, 2022

While Democratic control of the US Senate has been secured, the fate of the US House and a number of key state races are still undecided.

The US Senate stands at 50 Democrats to 49 Republicans, with Democrats having flipped the Pennsylvania Senate seat. Democrats will keep at least their 50-50 majority in the Senate, where Vice President Kamala Harris holds the tiebreaking vote for the party. Should the December 6 Georgia runoff election go to Democrats, they will gain one seat for what is still a razor-thin 51-49 majority.

US House: 207 Democrats to 217 Republicans
Outstanding: 11 uncalled House races in Alaska (1), California (8), Colorado (1) and Maine (1). *denotes incumbent.

Alaska At-Large: Mary Peltola* (D) 47.3% v. Sarah Palin (R) 26.6% v. Nick Begich (R) 24.2%. The winner will be declared November 23 following the ranked-choice voting re-tabulation between Peltola and Palin.

CD 03: Kermit Jones (D) 47% v. Kevin Kiley (R) 53% (53% reporting)
CD: 09: Josh Harder* (D) 56.3% v. Tom Patti (R) 43.7% (47% reporting)
CD 13: Adam Gray (D) 50.04% v. John Duarte (R) 49.6% (78% reporting)
CD 21: Jim Costa* (D) 54.3% v. Michael Maher (R) 45.7% (76% reporting)
CD 22: Rudy Salas (D) 47.3% v. David Valadao* (R) 52.7% (54% reporting)
CD 27: Christy Smith (D) 45.6% v. Mike Garcia* (R) 54.4% (65% reporting)
CD 47: Katie Porter* (D) 50.6% v. Scott Baugh (R) 49.4% (80% reporting)
CD 49: Mike Levin* (D) 52.5% v. Brian Maryott (R) 47.5% (86% reporting)

Colorado 03: Adam Frisch (D) 49.8% v. Lauren Boebert*(R) 50.2% (99% reporting)
Maine 02: Jared Golden* (D) 48.2% v. Bruce Poliquin (R) 44.9% (99% reporting)

Governors: New national total: 24 Democrats to 26 Republicans
Flipped: Of the 36 governor races held on November 8, Democrats flipped Maryland, Massachusetts and Arizona, which was called last night for Democrat Katie Hobbs over Trump favorite Kari Lake (R), 50.41% to 49.9%.

Republicans flipped one seat, Nevada, where incumbent Democrat Steve Sisolak lost to Trump-endorsed Joe Lombardo, 48.8% to 47.3% with 95% reporting.

Alaska's gubernatorial is uncalled, awaiting the final tally of first-round voting. Incumbent Republican Mike Dunleavy, who has secured 52.1% with 80% of the vote reported, is expected to be reelected.

Secretaries of State: New national total: 22 Democrats to 25 Republicans
Of the country’s 47 Secretary of State offices, 27 were up for election and eight offices’ appointment authorities were on the ballot.

Flipped: Democrats flipped Nevada with the election of Cisco Aguilar over Jim Marchant (R), 49% to 46.7%. Democrats also flipped the Maryland gubernatorial, giving them appointment control

Outstanding: In Wisconsin, incumbent Democrat Doug La Follette (D) leads Amy Loudenbeck (R) 48.3% to 48%, with 99% of the vote reported.

State Attorneys General: New national total:
22 Democrats to 28 Republicans
Flipped: Of the 34 State Attorney General races held on November 8, Democrats flipped the open seat in Vermont where Charity Clark won 65% of the vote. Republicans flipped Iowa where Brenna Bird (R) defeated incumbent Tom Miller (D), 50.8% to 49.1%.

Outstanding: The GOP-controlled office in Arizona remains uncalled. At 96% reporting, Democrat Kris Mayes leads Republican Abraham Hamadeh by 2,269 votes.

The Alaska AG's office is also undetermined, awaiting the results of the election for governor, who appoints the attorney general with confirmation from the state legislature.

Legislatures: New national total: Democrats 38 to Republicans 58
State Democrats made history this election: for the first time since 1934, the party controlling the White House did not lose a single state legislative chamber.

Flipped: In the 88 of the country's 99 state legislative chambers that held elections on November 8, Democrats held all 35 of their current chambers and flipped an additional three.

In flipping the Michigan State Senate and House, and the Minnesota State Senate, Democrats secured a trifecta in both states.

Democrats also maintained their majorities in Colorado, Maine and New Mexico and won a supermajority in the Vermont State House and Nevada State Assembly, while preventing Republicans from gaining veto-proof supermajorities in the North Carolina and Wisconsin state legislatures.

Republicans maintained their narrow majority in Arizona and New Hampshire House and Senate.

Outstanding: The battle for control of Pennsylvania's GOP-controlled State House is coming down to the wire, with Democrats only one seat away from flipping the chamber. Two districts remain uncalled, with only a few hundred votes left to count.

Alaska's Republican-controlled Senate and coalition-controlled House also remained uncalled.

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