DemDaily: Update On The Insurrection: The Subpoena List

November 11, 2021

This week, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol issued a new batch of subpoenas for 16 additional allies of former President Trump.

The Committee, charged with conducting "an investigation of the relevant facts and circumstances relating to the attack on the Capitol," is focused not just on the insurrection, but on "every detail of what went on in the White House on January 6th and in the days beforehand," said Committee Chair Bennie Thompson of the panel.

"We need to know precisely what role the former president and his aides played in efforts to stop the counting of the electoral votes... including who they were talking to in the White House and in Congress, what connections they had with rallies that escalated into a riot, and who paid for it all."

At 4:30pm today, however, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals granted Trump's request to temporarily bar release of the first wave of documents from NARA, giving its judges more time to review the case. The appeals court will hold oral arguments on November 30th, and the case could eventually be appealed further to the US Supreme Court.







"In serving on this Committee, I am here to investigate January 6th -- not in spite of my membership in the Republican Party - but because of it -- not to win a political fight, but to learn the facts...It's time to stop the outrage and conspiracies that fuel violence and division in our country, and most importantly, we need to reject those who promote it. As a country, it is time to learn from our past mistakes, rebuild stronger so this never happens again, and move onward." - Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), 7/27/21

DemList will keep you informed.

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DemList will keep you informed.

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Sources: US Congress, House Select Committee, NPR. CNN

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