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March 24, 2016
In Tuesday's "Western" presidential primary Bernie Sanders easily took Idaho and Utah, but Hillary won Arizona's winner-take-all delegate prize.

On the Republican front, Trump took Arizona and Cruz swept Utah. Jeb Bush's subsequent endorsement of Cruz yesterday helps solidify the Texas Senator's status as the anti-trump's frontrunner, but what does it all mean?

For numbers on the Western Primary, check out The Atlas Project's detailed analysis and geographic breakdown.
Sanders took almost 80% of the vote in the states he won, and is favored in this Saturday's primaries - but he would have to win every remaining primary state with 80% victory to catch up to HRC.
Trump's needs 54% of the remaining delegates to claim the nomination and Cruz needs to win 83% of the remaining delegates to overtake Trump.  So where do they stand now?
Clinton:  1,698 delegates
Sanders: 959
To clinch nomination: 2,383
Trump:      755
Cruz:      466
Kasich:   144
To Clinch Nomination: 1,237
Sources:  The Atlas Project, TheGreenPapers, Bloomberg
Next Up!
Dems:   March 26th in Alaska (20 delegates), Hawaii (34 del) & Washington state (118 del), then the battleground state of Wisconsin (96 del) on Tuesday, April 5th.
Reps: North Dakota (28 del) April 1st & Wisconsin (42 del) April 5th.
We will keep you informed!
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