DemDaily: The Update: Election Protection Priorities

November 1, 2020

Two Days!

Over 92 million Americans have voted - surpassing two-thirds of all ballots cast during the 2016 presidential election.

DemList has updated our Election Protection Connection -- a  comprehensive list of trusted national and state-by-state voter protection efforts -- to include the following priority resources.

Make your vote and your voice count!

Voter Assistance Questions or Report Voter Suppression
National Voter Assistance Hotline: 1.833.336.8683
Arizona: 833.868.3429
Colorado: 720.580.0148
D.C.: 833.336.8683
Florida: 833.868.3352
Georgia: 888.730.5816

Iowa: 515.293.6860
Maine: 207.990.0788
Michigan: 833.648.6837
Minnesota: 833.335.8683
North Carolina: 833.868.3462
Nebraska: 531.201.0333
New Hampshire: 603.466.8683
Nevada: 888.525.8683
Ohio: 844.644.8683
Pennsylvania: 833.728.6837
South Carolina: 855.785.0222
Texas: 844.898.6837
Virginia: 844.482.8683
Wisconsin: 608.336.3232

Spanish/English Hotline: 866.296.8686 or 888.839.8682
Arabic/English Hotline: 844.925.5287
Bengali, Cantonese, Hindi, Lorean, Mandarin, Tagalog, Urdu & Vietnamese Hotline: 888.274.8683
Voters with Disabilities: 602.274.6287 or 800.927.2260
American Sign Language (Video Call): 301.818.8683
Democrats Abroad:
National Nonpartisan Hotline: 866.OUR.VOTE


For the complete list and other states, go to: DemList's Election Protection Connection.

Voter Assistance Text Line

Connect to the Voter Assistance Text Line: Text ACCESS to 433-67 for English or ACCESO to 433-67 for Spanish
Look Up a Voting Location: Text VOTE to 433-67 for English or text VOTAR to 433-67 for Spanish.
Includes early vote, ballot drop off, and E-day polling places depending on the state.
Information on Availability of Curbside Voting: Text CURBSIDE to 433-67.
Useful for seniors and voters with disabilities.
Accessibility Textable Hotline: 833.923.2020

Young Americans for Biden: Late Volunteer Opportunities!

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