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November 13, 2017

It has been almost a week since the blue wave of victories in Virginia, New Jersey and other pockets throughout the country, but there is still one contest in the balance - control of the Virginia House.

On Tuesday Democrats picked up 15 seats, shifting the numbers from a 32-seat Republican majority, to 49D-48R, with three races still undecided.

Determination of which political party will control the Virginia Assembly in January will likely come down to three seats that are within a 100-vote spread, and the count in the next few days of overseas and provisional ballots.

Provisional Ballots are votes cast by people without the required voter identification, who had until noon today to bring their ID to their local election office to validate their ballot.

Ballots cast by Virginia Voters living abroad had to have arrived by 7pm Election Day to be counted.

Too Close to Call
In the House District 28 race to replace retiring House Speaker William Howell (R/Stafford), Republican candidate Robert Thomas leads Democrat Joshua Cole 11,833 to 11,749 - a separation of 84 votes.

Local election officials are refusing to count 55 military and overseas ballots that arrived in the post office box of the registrar on Tuesday, but were not picked up until Wednesday.

Our legal system promises that all Americans who successfully cast their ballot should have their votes counted. By not picking up overseas ballots from their post box on Election Day ... Stafford County has effectively, and illegally, disenfranchised our military and civilian voters abroad. There is simply no legal reason not to count these votes."  -- Julia Bryan, Chair of Democrats Abroad






House District 94th: Delegate David Yancey (R/Newport News) has a 13-vote lead over Democrat Shelly Simonds.Libertarian Michael Bartley got 675 votes.

40th House District: Delegate Timothy Hugo (R/Fairfax) is now ahead of Democrat Donte Tanner by 115-votes.

Final Results
Local electoral boards have until Wednesday to submit their final count to the State Board of Elections, which will certify the results on Monday, November 20th.

Once certified, candidates will have 10 days to petition their circuit courts for recounts - if the margin between the defeated candidate and victor is not more than 1% of total votes cast. If the margin is within 0.5%, the state will pay for the recount.

Virginia House of Delegates
Where Democrats Won (Beat Incumbent or Open Seat).  Red: Undecided/Recount Expected
Vote Win Status
2 Jennifer Carroll Foy Mike Makee 25.4%
Final (Open Seat)
10 Wendy Goodits Randall Minchew 3.9% Final
12 Chris Hurst Joseph Yost 8.8% Final
12 Danica Roem  Bob Marshall 8.7%
21 Kelly Convirs-Fowler Ronald Villaneuva 5.2%
Joshua Cole
Robert Thomas
R Leading +86
Recount Expected
31 Elizabeth Guzman Scott Lingamfelter 8.9%
32 David Reid Thomas Greason 17.1%
Donte Tanner
Timothy D. Hugo
R Leading +115
Recount Expected
42 Kathy Tran  Lolita Mancheno-Smoak  22.1%
Final (Open Seat)
50 Lee Carter Jacksin Miller 8.9%
51 Hala Ayala Richard Anderson 5.7%
67 Karrie Delaney James LeMunyon 15.9%
68 Dawn Adams G. Manoli Loupassi .08%
Schuyler VanValkenberg Edward Whitlock III 5.7%
Final (Open Seat)
73 Deborah Rodman John O'Bannon 2.8%
85  Cheryl Turpin N.D. "Rocky" Holcomb* 1.7%
Shelly Simonds
David E. Yancey*
R Leading +13
Recount Expected
Source: Ballotpedia. Figures as of 11/13/17 9:00am

Herring (AG), Northam (Gov) and Fairfax (Lt.Gov) will be certified Nov 20th

Control of governorships and state legislatures is key to control of the 2020 Census and Congressional redistricting.

Virginia is one of 37 states where congressional and state legislative district boundaries are set by the state legislature and, in this case - the Virginia General Assembly.


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Sources: AP, Democrats Abroad, Washington Post, Ballotpedia, Richmond Times Dispatch, ABC13News

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