DemDaily: The Party’s Farm Team!

April 3, 2018

As a part of DemList's mission to profile the good work of the democratic family, we are happy to highlight one of the Democratic National Committee's most important and fastest growing constituency organizations -- the Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO).

DMO represents the interests of our country's largest coalition of Democratic officials -- the 40,000+ city council members, mayors, and other elected officials from cities, towns, townships, villages and boroughs of all sizes.

Locally elected Democrats are the "farm team" of the party -- those who often have the most direct impact on voters' daily lives, and the bench for our state and federal office leaders of tomorrow.

Founded in 1988 as a non-profit (527) political organization, DMO hold three seats, including an Executive Committee seat, on the Democratic National Committee.

"We Connect, Engage, and Empower Democratic Municipal Officials"

They coordinate with other national party organizations and work on policy initiatives with non-partisan groups like the National League of Cities to ensure that a Democratic voice is heard in the national municipal policy that NLC and others take to Congress


Any incumbent municipal official who self-defines as Democrat, even if they hold non-partisan office, can become a member of Democratic Municipal Officials.

The DMO also helps candidates running for local office through its Blue Star Candidate program, which shines national attention on local races where a pivotal seat can be won or held, and where a victory would swing Democratic control to a Council or Board. Candidates are referred through State Chapters.

DMO is a tremendous resource for those who currently serve in local office - and those who wish to serve.

Democratic Municipal Officials has more than 6,000 active members nationwide, and chapters in over 30 states that host meetings, conduct events and forums.

DMO offers a suite of resources, including political trainings, education, webinars, strategy and policy counsel to its members, as well as an advocacy platform through the national party organization.

DNC Deputy Chair & new DMO President Scott Benson

DMO's Political Council is a think tank of award-winning political strategists, consultants, campaign software and data gurus who are available to advise and guide members.

Political consultants can also signup to be listed in the DMO Political Resource Guide, be highlighted as a preferred provider, and apply for Political Council Leadership Membership.

Board Partners
DMO partners with corporate, labor and policy organizations to promote their participation and mutual interests, and to fund the important work and resources DMO provides.

Philadelphia City Councilman Derek Green

DMO's Board of Directors is comprised of elected officials from many of America's largest and most prominent cities. Its newly elected President is Detroit City Council Member Scott Benson, an Urban Planner and leader in community and economic development in Southeastern Michigan.

DMO is staffed by Executive Director Barbara Moore, Communications Director Nils Robbins, and Oliver Judd, Director of State Chapters.

DMO Resources
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