DemDaily: The Party’s Farm Team

August 16, 2023

The largest and fastest growing network of elected leaders within the Democratic Party is the Democratic Municipal Officials.

DMO represents the interests of America’s 40,000 mayors, city council members, and other elected leaders from cities, towns, townships, villages and boroughs of all sizes.

Locally elected Democrats are the "farm team" of the party -- those who often have the most direct impact on voters' daily lives, and make up the bench for our future state and federal office leaders.

The New DMO
Founded in 1988 as a non-profit (527) political and constituency organization under the Democratic National Committee (DNC), DMO has undergone a new restructuring -- offering an unprecedented level of resources and opportunities to connect, engage, and empower local elected officials and Democrats nationwide.

Any incumbent municipal official or candidate who self-identifies as a Democrat, even if they hold non-partisan office, can become a member of Democratic Municipal Officials.

DMO's Board of Directors, led by President and Warren, Michigan City Councilmember Angela Rogensues, comprises elected leaders across every region of the country.

Executive Director Cheyenne Davis-Eubanks, who succeeded longtime ED and valued alumna Barbara Moore in June, is a veteran politico who has held senior positions in the State Party Advancement Network (SPAN), Association of State Democratic Committees (ASDC) and Kansas Democratic Party.

She is joined by Political Director Jesse Maldonado, who previously served as Idaho Democratic Party Vice Chair as well as Political Director, and on the Lewiston, Idaho City Council.

As the liaison between the DNC and local elected officials, DMO invests in tomorrow's national leadership by highlighting the accomplishments of local leaders, while working to ensure that member's voices and policy priorities are heard at the city and state level, and nationally in Congress through non-partisan groups like the National League of Cities (NLC).

DMO has State Ambassadors, current and former DMOs, who serve as leaders in over 30 states.

The DMO Leadership Library, the organization's newest educational tool and online resource portal, is designed for use by DMO members and alumni. The Library contains a variety of trainings and templates, policy examples and research, labor education and engagement processes, communications and messaging resources, information on tools and technology, and other materials designed to help DMOs.

Open to All: Sign up for the DMO monthly newsletter for updates on issues, events and available resources!

A DMO Political Action Committee has been launched to provide much-needed support of candidates at the farm team level.

Advice and counsel is also available through DMO's Political Council, a think tank of award-winning political strategists, consultants, campaign software and data gurus.

DMO partners with corporate, labor and policy organizations to promote their participation and mutual interests, and to fund vital work of the organization.

Next Up: The DMO Summit will be held at the historic Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin September 20-23, 2023. The Summit features two days of trainings, panel discussions, a first-ever vendor fair and networking with elected officials, candidates and funders from across the country.

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Kimberly Scott

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