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August 2, 2017

The most recent shakeup at the White House begs for a tally of the current resigned and fired members of the Trump admnistration's Cabinet, senior White House Staff and Advisors.

To follow is the list of those who have have departed in the first 194 days of the Trump turmoil - by choice or by force, but always with controversy!

The White House Shake Up

(In order of departure)

or Fired
Days In Position Cause
Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Fired 10 Days Fired after she announced Justice Dept refusal to defend Travel Ban
National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Resigned 22 Days Over undisclosed accounts of Russia contacts, reports he was under federal investigation
National Security Council, Senior Director, Western Hemisphere Affairs Craig Deare Fired 23 Days Criticism of Trump policies at a private think tank event
US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara Fired 51 Days Obama appointee originally asked to stay on, then asked to resign after reporting Trump's breech of Justice rules in contacting Bharara and asking for his loyalty. Bharara refused to resign.
Deputy White House Chief of Staff Katie Walsh Resigned 70 Days Ally of Priebus, but not of Bannon and Kushner. Reassigned to outside group.
Communications Director Micael Dubke Resigned 86 Days Founder of Crossroads Media, left "for personal" reasons
White House Usher Angella Reid Fired 106 Days First woman, and second African American to hold position. Fired as part of Melania's transition decisions.
FBI Director James Comey Fired 110 Days FIred after refusing Trump's request to quash Russia investigation Comey was leading (WH claimed fired for mishandling of Clinton emails).
Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland Reassigned 118 Days Flynn ally, clashed with his successor, HR McMaster
President's Advisory Council Elon Musk, CEO,
Tesla and SpaceX
Resigned 132 Days Over Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris climate accord
President's Advisory Council Robert Iger, CEO, Disney Resigned 133 Days Over Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris climate accord
Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Schaub Resigned 181 Days Clashed with Trump and Administration on ethics conflicts.  Said risk US being viewed as a "kleptocracy"
Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigned 183 Days Embattled but loyal to Trump, finally resigned after Scaramucci appointment
National Security Council, Middle East Advisor Derek Harvey Fired 186 Days Flynn ally, clashed with McMaster
Deputy Press Secretary Michael Short Resigned 187 Days Resigned after Scaramucci leaked his intention to fire Short after Spcier resignation
White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Resigned 189 Days The former RNC Chair is said to have lost Trump's confidence after failure of health care and legislative agenda
Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Fired 11 Days The combative and crude former NY financier threatend staff and reporters before being booted by incoming COS John Kelly
 Dates may vary depending on source

Trump's Latest Approval Rating: 33% (Quinnipiac 7/27-8/1/17)

As always, DemList will keep you informed.

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Sources:  The Guardian, Business Insider, Reuters, Los Angeles Times 

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