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January 12, 2022

We are now two years into the devastating coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 840,000 Americans.

Just as Americans were welcoming signs of a return to normalcy six months ago, the highly infectious Delta variant emerged, attacking almost exclusively those who had not been vaccinated.

Now, with the rapid spread of the far more infectious Omicron variant in the last six weeks, and the soaring numbers in cases and hospitalizations, there are still one-fourth of US residents that have not yet, or have refused to, get vaccinated.

As the Biden administration and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) struggle to adjust policy and practice to the daily whims and winds of the pandemic, the question for many is not when we emerge from the current crisis, but if this is the new normal for years to come.

US COVID Count: 62,647,368 cases and 846,046 deaths

The US COVID Count
Total Cases: 62,647,368
Total Deaths: 846,046
New Cases Per Day: 761,122
New Death Per Day: 1,736

The US has experienced a 185% increase in new cases over the last 14 days, now at a daily average of more than 760,000 -- compared to an average of 221,766 a day one year ago.

That does not take into account the unreported cases of those who are testing themselves at home or undetected cases.

Deaths have risen to over 1,700 daily, an increase of more than 30% since late December.

Although vaccinations remain widely available for Americans age 5 and over, children under 18 are still the most unvaccinated population.

Fully Vaccinated
All Ages: 63%
65 and Up: 88%
12 and Up: 72%
12 to 17: 54%
5 to 11: 17.2%

At Least One Dose
All Ages: 74%
65 and Up: 95%
12 and Up: 85%
12 to 17: 64.3%
5 to 11: 26.3%

The States
The Omicron variant has infiltrated every state, with the highest rates over the last 14 days reported in Northeastern states.

New COVID Cases per Capita
Rhode Island: 5.75%
New York: 5.04%
New Jersey: 4.77%
Massachusetts: 4.15%
Florida: 3.92%

Most COVID Cases per Capita
Tennessee: 17.3%
North Dakota: 16.4%
Florida: 16.2%
Mississippi: 16.0%
Arkansas: 16.0%

COVID Patients: 145,982
ICU COVID Patients: 30%
ICU Beds: 82% nationwide are full

COVID-19 hospitalizations have doubled or more than doubled in 15 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. over the past two weeks, contributing to a new national record for pandemic hospitalizations across 31states. One out of every 10 of those patients is in Florida, where hospitals are facing a near-quadrupling of COVID patients in that time period.

Among those hospitalized, about one in five are children. The number of children infected increased 78% from the last week of December to the week ending January 6th.

Worldwide, there have been 313,804,172 reported cases and 5,508,141 deaths.

Total Cases: 313,804,172
Total Deaths: 5,508,141
New Cases Per Day: 2,615,566
New Deaths Per Day: 6,647

Worldwide, the greatest surges have been in North America and Western Europe. In Australia, more than half of the one million cases reported since the start of the pandemic have come in the last week.

Approximately 60% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while only 9.5% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose.

Save a life. Get vaccinated.
Where To Get Vaccinated In Your State

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