DemDaily: The 2023 Election Calendar! The Updates

August 27, 2023

While the August congressional recess may have slowed Washington to a humid crawl, it was a busy month for a handful of municipal and statewide elections across the country.

Democrats advanced to the November general election from key non-partisan mayoral primaries in Tucson, Wichita, Olympia and Spokane, while in Nashville, Metro Council member Freddie O'Connell (D) and former GOP consultant Alice Rolli are headed to a September 14 mayoral runoff.

In Mississippi, Public Commissioner and former Nettleton Mayor Brandon Presley is his party's nominee to challenge GOP Governor Tate Reeves in 2023's most high-profile statewide contest.

Montgomery, Alabama has reelected Incumbent Mayor Steven Reed (D), and Ohio voters resoundingly rejected Ohio Issue 1, a special election referendum aimed at thwarting passage of an abortion-rights initiative that will be on the ballot in November.

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In addition to the three gubernatorial races up in 2023 -- in Mississippi, Kentucky and Louisiana -- there are legislative, mayoral, municipal, judicial, and/or local elections in nearly 40 states.

September 5: Rhode Island's First Congressional District Special Election Primary
September 5: Utah's Second Congressional District Special Election Primary

September 12: Hartford, Connecticut Mayoral Primary
September 12: Charlotte, North Carolina Mayoral Primary

September 14: Nashville, Tennessee Mayoral Runoff

October 3: Juneau, Alaska Mayoral General

October 5: Memphis, Tennessee Mayoral General

October 10: Durham, North Carolina Mayoral Primary
October 10: Charlotte, North Carolina Mayoral Primary Runoff

October 14: Louisiana Statewide Primary

November 7: General Elections nationwide
November 7: Mayoral General Elections in Tucson, Arizona; Aurora, Colorado; Hartford, Connecticut; Miami, Florida; Orlando, Florida; Indianapolis, Indiana; Des Moines, Iowa; Wichita, Kansas; Concord, New Hampshire; Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Columbia, South Carolina; Houston, Texas; Olympia and Spokane, Washington.

November 7: Rhode Island's First Congressional District Special Election General

November 14: Little Rock, Arkansas Mayoral General
November 16: Memphis, Tennessee Mayoral General Runoff
November 18: Louisiana Statewide General

November 21: Utah's Second Congressional District Special Election General
November 21: Salt Lake City, Utah Mayoral General
November 21: Miami, Florida General Runoff
November 21: Columbia, South Carolina General Runoff

November 28: Mississippi Statewide General Runoff

December 5: Orlando, Florida Mayoral General Runoff

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