DemDaily: The 2023 Election Calendar!

March 24, 2023

The elections of 2023 are off to a running start, providing an ongoing litmus test of voters ahead of the 2024 presidential year.

In the February 28 Chicago mayoral, incumbent Lori Lightfoot (D) got shut out of the April 4 runoff, coming in third to Democratic rivals Paul Vallas, who is running on a tough-on-crime platform, and progressive Cook County Board of Commissioner Brandon Johnson.

In the March 7 Tampa, Florida contest, incumbent Democratic Mayor Jane Castor handily won reelection with 80.2%. The March 21 Jacksonville, Florida mayor's race to succeed term-limited Mayor Lenny Curry, a former GOP State Party Chair and Trump supporter, is going to a May 16 runoff between Democrat Donna Deegan (39.4%) and Republican Daniel Davis (24.8%), the top two vote-getters in the eight-way race.

April will see nine major mayoral elections, along with the critical Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

There are three gubernatorial races up in 2023 -- in Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi -- as well as legislative, mayoral, municipal, judicial, and/or local elections in nearly 40 states.

The 2023 Election Calendar
(*Top 30 largest city and state capital city mayoral elections are listed)

April 4: Kansas City, Missouri Mayoral Primary
April 4: Lincoln, Nebraska Mayoral Primary
April 4: Colorado Springs, Colorado Mayoral General
April 4: Denver, Colorado Mayoral General

April 4: Springfield, Illinois Mayoral General
April 4: Jefferson City, Missouri Mayoral General
April 4: Madison, Wisconsin Mayoral General
April 4: Wisconsin Supreme Court Election
April 4: Chicago, Illinois Mayoral General Runoff

April 18: Dover, Delaware Mayoral General

May 2: Indianapolis, Indiana Mayoral Primary
May 2: Fort Wayne, Indiana Mayoral Primary
May 2: Columbus, Ohio Mayoral Primary
May 2: Lincoln, Nebraska Mayoral General

May 6: Arlington, Texas Mayoral General
May 6: Dallas, Texas Mayoral General
May 6: Fort Worth, Texas Mayoral General
May 6: San Antonio, Texas Mayoral General
May 6: Garland, Texas Mayoral General
May 6: Irving, Texas Mayoral General

Although most mayoral elections are nonpartisan, 62 mayors in the nation's most populous 100 cities are affiliated with the Democratic Party, 26 are affiliated with the Republican Party, three are independents, seven identify as nonpartisan or unaffiliated, and two mayors' affiliations are unknown.

May 16Kentucky Statewide Primary
May 16: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mayoral Primary
May 16: Boise, Idaho Mayoral General
May 16: Jacksonville, Florida Mayoral General Runoff

June 6: New Jersey Statewide Primary
June 6: Denver, Colorado Mayoral General Runoff

June 20: Virginia Statewide Primary

August 1: Tucson, Arizona Mayoral Primary
August 1: Wichita, Kansas Mayoral Primary
August 1: Olympia, Washington Mayoral Primary
August 1: Spokane, Washington Mayoral Primary

August 3: Nashville, Tennessee Mayoral Primary
August 8Mississippi Statewide Primary
August 22: Montgomery, Alabama Mayoral General
August 29: Mississippi Statewide Runoff

September 12: Hartford, Connecticut Mayoral Primary
September 12: Charlotte, North Carolina Mayoral Primary

September 14: Nashville, Tennessee Mayoral General

October 3: Montgomery, Alabama Mayoral General Runoff
October 5: Memphis, Tennessee Mayoral General

Regular legislative elections will be held in eight legislative chambers in four states in 2023 -- the Louisiana State Legislature, the Mississippi Legislature, the New Jersey Legislature, and the Virginia General Assembly.

October 10: Durham, North Carolina Mayoral Primary
October 10: Charlotte, North Carolina Mayoral Primary Runoff

October 14: Louisiana Statewide Primary

November 7: Mayoral General Elections in Tucson, Arizona; Aurora, Colorado; Hartford, Connecticut; Orlando, Florida; Indianapolis, Indiana; Wichita, Kansas; Concord, New Hampshire; Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Houston, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Olympia and Spokane, Washington.

November 7: General Elections nationwide

November 16: Memphis, Tennessee Mayoral General Runoff
November 18: Louisiana Statewide General/Runoff
November 23: Des Moines, Iowa Mayoral General
November 28: Mississippi Statewide General Runoff

December 5: Orlando, Florida Mayoral General Runoff

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Kimberly Scott

To Be Scheduled: The congressional special election for Rhode Island's First District to succeed Congressman David Cicilline (D), who will leave Congress June 1, 2023 to become the President and CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation.

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