DemDaily: The 2022 Election Calendar Countdown!

The next three weeks is all about getting out the vote and, in particular, the early vote.

45 states, DC and four territories permit no-excuse early voting in some form, and all states allow for some form of absentee or mail-in balloting. 18 states or territories have already started voting in the critical 2022 midterm elections.

For our readers' convenience, an election countdown calendar through the election cycle.

See DemDaily: The Early Vote. In Your State 11/5/22

The 2022 Election Countdown Calendar
September 19: Pennsylvania, Northern Marianas Early Vote Begins

September 23: Minnesota, South Dakota, Virginia Early Vote Begins

September 26: Vermont Early Vote Begins

September 29: Illinois, Michigan, Wyoming Early Vote Begins

October 9: Maine Early Vote Begins

October 10: California Early Vote Begins

October 11: Guam, Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico Early Vote Begins

October 12: Arizona, Ohio Early Vote Begins

October 17: Georgia Early Vote Begins

October 19: Iowa, Kansas, Rhode Island, Tennessee Early Vote Begins

Eight states -- California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Washington -- hold "all-mail elections," which are conducted primarily by mail, but may have in-person voting options available. Four states -- Alabama, Connecticut, Mississippi, and New Hampshire -- do not offer early voting, but do offer pre-Election Day in-person voting options for eligible absentee voters.

October 20: North Carolina Early Vote Begins

October 21: Washington Early Vote Begins

October 22: Massachusetts, Nevada Early Vote Begins

October 24: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas Early Vote Begins

October 25: Louisiana, Missouri, Utah, Wisconsin, Virgin Islands Early Vote Begins

October 26: West Virginia Early Vote Begins

October 27: DC, Maryland Early Vote Begins

October 28: Delaware Early Vote Begins

October 29: Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico Early Vote Begins

November 3: Kentucky Early Vote Begins

Three special elections remain to fill the terms of members of the 117th Congress who vacated their seats early, including one in the US House and two in the US Senate which will be decided on November 8, 2022. The last primary, in Louisiana, will also be held Election Day.

November 8: Louisiana Primary; Indiana's Second Congressional District Special General Election; California and Oklahoma Senate Special General Elections

November 8: General Election Nationwide

December 6: Runoff: Georgia

December 10: Runoff: Louisiana

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DemList will keep you informed.

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