DemDaily: The 2021 Election Calendar and Today’s Elections

June 8, 2021

The primaries for the two 2021 gubernatorial races are being held today in Virginia and New Jersey, along with other statewide, legislative and municipal races.

In Virginia the polls are open until 7:00pm and in New Jersey citizens can vote until 8:00pm.
See what and who is on the ballot!

In addition to three more special elections for US congressional seats, there are approximately 550 mayoral elections up in 2021, as well as other municipal and local elections in cities and towns across the US.

June 5th: In the Fort Worth mayoral runoff, Matt Parker (R) defeated Deborah Peoples (D) 54%-46%.

Decision 2021


2021 Election Calendar
June 8: New Jersey Primary Election for Governor, Lt. Governor,
State Senate, State House, Municipal
June 8: Virginia Primary Election: Governor, Lt. Governor,
Attorney General, State House, Municipal
June 8: Jackson, Mississippi Mayoral General

June 22: New York, New York Mayoral Primary
June 22: Buffalo, New York Mayoral Primary
June 22: Albany, New York Mayoral Primary

August 3: Ohio's 11th Congressional District Special Election Primary for the seat vacated by Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D) to become Housing & Urban Development Secretary
August 3: Ohio's 15th Congressional District Special Election Primary to replace retiring Congressman Steve Stivers (R), leaving to become CEO of Ohio's Chamber of Commerce

August 3: Detroit, Michigan Mayoral Primary
August 3: Lansing, Michigan Mayoral Primary
August 3: Seattle, Washington Mayoral Primary

New York Mayor's Race: Top three in a May 17-31 NY1 poll, followed by 5 candidates and 16% undecided

August 24: St. Petersburg, Florida Mayoral Primary
August 24: Birmingham, Alabama Mayoral General

September 14: Charlotte, North Carolina Mayoral Primary
September 14: Cleveland, Ohio Mayoral Primary
September 14: Toledo, Ohio Mayoral Primary
September 14: Helena, Montana Mayoral Primary

September 14: Boston, Massachusetts Mayoral Primary

September 21: Annapolis, Maryland Mayoral Primary

October 5: Greensboro, North Carolina Mayoral Primary
October 5: Raleigh, North Carolina Mayoral General
October 5: Durham, North Carolina Mayoral Primary
October 5: Charlotte, North Carolina Mayoral Runoff
October 5: Juneau, Alaska Mayoral General
October 5: Birmingham, Alabama Mayoral Runoff

October 9: New Orleans, Louisiana Mayoral Primary

November 2: Election Day! for most General Elections
November 2: Florida's 20th Congressional District Special Election Primary to replace Congressman Alcee Hastings, who passed away April 6th. The General Election will take place January 11, 2022.

15 candidates are running August 3rd Seattle Mayoral Primary (KUOW)

November 13: New Orleans, Louisiana Mayoral General
November 16: Hialeah, Florida Mayoral General

DemDaily: Census Reshuffles Congress 4/28/21


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Sources: Ballotpedia, State SOS/Boards of Elections, FiveThirtyEight

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