DemDaily: The 2021 Election Calendar

September 5, 2021

We are now more than halfway through the "off-year" elections, with two 2021 Governors' races, three congressional special elections, and still hundreds of remaining mayoral and municipal races.

Decision 2021


September 14: California Governor Recall Referendum

September 14: Boston, Massachusetts Mayoral Primary
September 14: Cleveland, Ohio Mayoral Primary
September 14: Toledo, Ohio Mayoral Primary

September 21: Annapolis, Maryland Mayoral Primary

October 5: Juneau, Alaska Mayoral General
October 5: Durham, North Carolina Mayoral Primary
Postponed: Due to the delayed release of the 2020 block-level data by the US Census Bureau, the North Carolina legislature passed a bill postponing the 2021 municipal elections to 2022. It affects elections in at least 35 municipalities, including Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, and Raleigh. The Durham mayoral primary is still proceeding, however.

(Image: FiveThirtyEight)

October 5: Juneau, Alaska Mayoral General

October 9: New Orleans, Louisiana Mayoral Primary

November 2Election Day! for most General Elections

November 2/Congressional Special Elections
Ohio's 11th Congressional District General Election: Shontel Brown (D) v. Laverne Gore (R)
Ohio's 15th Congressional District General Election: Allison Russo (D) v. Mike Casey (R)
Florida's 20th Congressional District Special Election Primary to replace Congressman Alcee Hastings, who passed away April 6th. The General Election will take place January 11, 2022.

November 13: New Orleans, Louisiana Mayoral General
November 16: Hialeah, Florida Mayoral General

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