DemDaily: The 2020 Presidential Primary Calendar

September 3, 2019 (Updated 9/12/19)

The roll out of the 2020 presidential primaries and caucuses start with "first in the nation" Iowa on February 3, 2020, now just 153 days away.

While a number of states are still finalizing their primary or caucus dates, the presidential primary schedule is near completion. DemList will continue to keep you informed on all developments in the presidential contest, and will be launching the 2020 Democratic Convention Calendar before the year is out.

The Primary Calendar
The date and electoral procedure is decided by each state and their respective political parties, in conjunction with the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections and, in some cases, the legislature.

For Democrats, the purpose of a state primary election or caucus is not to directly elect the presidential nominee, but to determine, based on the percentage of the popular vote received by each candidate, how many delegates he or she is awarded to the party's national convention. 
The full body of delegates from each state then vote to elect their party's nominee at the convention.

If you are a state party or election official, please send us updates on your primary election calendar.



DemList will keep you informed.

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Resources: TheGreenPapers, Ballotpedia, State Parties, SecretaryofStates, FEC

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