DemDaily: Super Tuesday Line Up

March 3, 2020

After a whirlwind 72 hours in which three presidential candidates ended their campaigns, the race for the White House goes into its most significant series of primaries today -- 16 contests in all, including 14 states, one territory and Democrats Abroad.


Joe Biden's sweeping victory in Saturday's South Carolina Primary put him back in the game, followed by the significant endorsements of three of his former rivals -- Amy Klobuchar (MN), Pete Buttigieg (IN) and Beto O'Rourke (TX).

According to the Associated Press, the delegate count stands at 60 for Bernie Sanders and 54 for Biden, but with 1,357 delegates at stake today, those numbers are about to shift drastically.

Prior to Saturday, Sanders was leading in most Super Tuesday states, including the delegate-rich states of California (415), Texas (228), and Virginia (99), but polling updates in the last 24 hours have shown a shift toward Biden.

Two California polls taken since Saturday show a four-point shift to Biden, putting Sanders @32% and Biden @25%. Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg, who received a 6% bump in recent days, were at a statistical dead heat at 16% and 17%.

For Biden to maintain his momentum, and surpass what was expected to be an insurmountable delegate lead by Sanders, it is essential for him to reach the 15% threshold for delegate allocation in California. Voters in the Golden State, however, have already cast over 60% of their ballots in early voting.

After the close of today's Super Tuesday primary contests, approximately 38% of the delegates for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election will have been allocated.

Super Tuesday State Primary Information
State Early Vote Absentee Voting March 3rd Poll Closing Time Pledged Delegates
at Stake
Alabama N/A Request by 2/27; hand deliver/postmark by 3/2 7:00pm
American Somoa N/A N/A N/A
Arkansas 2/17-3/2 Request by 2/25; hand deliver by 3/2, arrive by 3/3 7:30pm
California 2/3-3/3 Request by 2/25; hand deliver/postmark by 3/3 8:00pm
Colorado 2/24-3/3 N/A 7:00pm
Maine 2/3-2/27 Request by 2/27, receive by 3/3 8:00pm
Massachusetts 2/24-2/28 Request by 2/24, submit by 3/3 8:00pm
Minnesota  1/17-3/2 Request by 2/2, submit by 3/3 8:00pm
North Carolina 2/13-2/29 Request by 2/25, postmark by 3/3 7:30pm
Oklahoma 2/27-2/29 Request by 2/26, submit by 3/3 7:00pm
Tennessee 2/12-2/25 Request by 2/25, receive by 3/3 8:00pm
Texas 2/18-2/28 Request by 2/21, postmark by 3/3 7:00pm
Utah 2/18-2/28 Request by 2/25, postmark by 2/2 or hand deliver by 3/3 8:00pm
Vermont 1/18-3/2 Request by 2/2, return by 3/3 7:00pm
Virginia 1/18-2/29 Request by mail by 2/25, vote in person by 2/29, receive by 3/3 7:00pm
Democrats Abroad Started 2/18
Email or postal mailing by 2/18 thru 3/10.
Global Primary runs from 3/3 to 3/10
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Source:  Ballotpedia/Chart

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