DemDaily: Saving Our National Infrastructure

August 17, 2020

Among the many policy forums, discussions and webinars this week is those hosted by the National Infrastructure Bank (NIB), dedicated to investments which would create at least 25 million new union jobs.

The NIB webinar, featured August 17th-19th, will include panel discussions with state and local elected officials, as well as union leaders and economic and infrastructure experts, who will be discussing a proposal for a $4 Trillion National Infrastructure Bank introduced into the U.S. Congress by Congressman Danny Davis (IL).


When: August 17th, Monday 
and August 18th, Tuesday
EventA Discussion: National Infrastructure Bank
Time:  1:00pm - 2:30pm ET/12:00pm-1:30pm CT

Hosts & Panels: Rhode Island Democratic Party, Virginia State Building and Construction Trades Council, National Latino Farmers and Ranchers, as well as labor leaders, elected officials and convention delegates from a dozen states, including: Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia.

Four Panels: How the National Infrastructure Bank Works, The Impact of the NIB on State and Local Government, How the Bank Impacts Labor, and The Implication for Rural and Urban Communities. RSVP Here

The proposed National Infrastructure Bank is modeled on the principles of national banking developed first by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Similar National Banks were successfully used by four great U.S. Presidents to build our nation: George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt

When: August 19th, Wednesday
Event: A Discussion: National Infrastructure Bank
Time:  1:00pm - 2:30pm ET/12:00pm-1:30pm CT
Hosts: Rhode Island Democratic Party, Virginia State Building and Construction Trades Council, National Latino Farmers and Ranchers and Delegates from AK, GA, NC, NJ, OH, OR, PA, RI, VA

Watch the Video!

On Wednesday, the condensed webinar will be followed by an hour-long live Q &A with:

*  Rudy Arredondo, President, National Latino Farmers & Ranchers
*  Stanley Forczek, Infrastructure Consultant and former Executive Amtrak Corporation
*  Jack Hanna, former Pennsylvania State Democratic Party Treasurer and Interim Chair, Delegate to the Convention
*  Robert Lynn, Secretary Toledo Jobs with Justice Coalition, retired Plumbers and Pipefitters Union
*  Alphecca Muttardy, former International Monetary Fund Economist


The Crisis At Hand: Not only is the nation reeling under the impact and mismanagement of the COVID crisis, but the economic fallout threatens to become a runaway train. Real unemployment is running at levels not seen since the Great Depression, and more trouble looms ahead.  The autumn could witness mass bankruptcies of small and medium size businesses, deepening and increasingly permanent unemployment, mass evictions, and more economic carnage. Financial markets are zooming upward while the real economy falters, so a new huge financial crisis is in the offing.

We need a powerful economic driver which will rebuild the real industrial and manufacturing economy, and the most proven answer is a massive infrastructure program.

NIB Supporter State Senator & Rhode Island Biden Vice Chair Louis DiPalma (ProvJournal)

Learn more about a proven approach for financing infrastructure development our country has previously employed at the founding of our country and most recently used during our last Great Depression in the 1930's.

Join us for the discussion!

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