DemDaily: Sanders Sweeps Democrats Abroad!

March 22, 2016
Bernie Sanders swept the Democrats Abroad presidential primary, defeating Hillary Clinton 69% (23,779) to 31% (10,689) in a record turnout for American Democratic voters living overseas.
Democrats Abroad is the party's official international arm for millions of Democrats overseas. Founded in 1964, and considered a "state" party by the DNC, they make it possible for Democrats living abroad to participate in the presidential nomination process.
Americans from 170 countries voted in the global primary, which was held March 1st through March 8th at 153 voting centers in 38 different countries. Voters could also submit ballots by email, post or fax.
The nearly 35,000 votes cast in the global primary represent a 40% increase over the 2008 primary when Obama defeated Clinton 66% to 33%.
The Top 5 Participating Countries
United Kingdom: 13.3% (4,061 total votes)
Sanders 2,874
Clinton 1,726
Total: 4,061
Canada: 9.5% (3,272 total votes)
Sanders 2,171
Clinton 1,087
Germany: 8.4% (2,917 total votes)
Sanders 2,103
Clinton 805
France: 8.4% (2,901 total votes)
Sanders 1,825
Clinton: 1,058
Spain: 4.93% (1,706 total votes)
Sanders: 1,295 votes
Clinton: 405 votes
Clinton won in only three countries: the Dominican Republic (350 to 53), Nigeria (4 to 1) and Singapore (149 to 107).
Martin O'Malley, who suspended his campaign in February, still received 21 votes - from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the Asia-Pacific.
Real-estate tycoon Rocky De La Fuente received 6 votes - from Germany, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.
% of total vote
Total Vote
Number of delegates won
Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
Martin O'Malley
Rocky De La Fuente
Sources:  Democrats Abroad, NPR

Sanders picked up 9 pledged delegates to Clinton's 4.

Democrats Abroad is granted eight superdelegates and four votes (each carries half a vote.) Three are committed to Clinton, one to Sanders. The remaining four have yet to announce.
That brings the current delegate count to Clinton@1,630 delegates (1,163 pledged, 467 supers) and Sanders@870 delegates (844pledged, 26 supers).

Still a boost for Sanders, who is facing a challenging nominating calendar. 

Next Up: Today's primary contests in Arizona, Utah and Idaho. Then Saturday in Washington State, Alaska and Hawaii.Note: Unlike their Democratic counterparts, Republicans do not allow expats to vote in their nominating process.
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