DemDaily: Rolling Out the Party Platform

July 2, 2020

The countdown to the Democratic National Convention, now just 46 days away, has begun, and DemList will help keep you informed on all developments.

Following last Thursday's announcement that the Democratic Convention, while anchored in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will be held virtually "across America," the national Party immediately started unveiling the first series of official and public participation events leading up to the August 17-20 convention.

The Democratic Platform
The first focus is on the drafting and development of the Party Platform -- the official plank of issues and policy goals that define us as Democrats.

Every four years, Democratic National Committee members come together ahead of the convention to forge a diversity of values and beliefs into the Party Platform -- a roadmap for moving America forward.

Those issues range from raising income and restoring economic security for the middle class, protecting voting rights, and achieving environment justice, to ensuring the health and safety of all Americans, providing an affordable education and maintaining our place as a world leader.  See the current Party Platform.

The Way It Works
The document is produced by the DNC's 15-person Platform Drafting Committee, appointed by the DNC Chair, which is responsible for developing and managing the process for determining the Party's core statement of principles.

The full Platform Committee will include three representatives from each state, elected by that state's convention delegates.

The Committee will vote on the final platform for recommendation to the full body of convention delegates, which will vote on its passage at the Democratic Convention.

The Platform Drafting Hearing and Meetings
DNC Chair Tom Perez and Platform Drafting Committee Chair and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms have announced a series of virtual hearings, designed to create a dialogue between the Drafting Committee and Americans from all walks of life on the ideas and solutions that will best articulate our party's vision for the country.

The Platform Drafting Hearing and Meetings will be livestreamed on the DNCC's YouTube channel.

*  June 29: Platform Drafting Committee Hearing: Addressing the COVID-19 Health Crisis & Building Back Better
*  July 1: Platform Drafting Committee Hearing: A Vision for a More Equitable Future
*  July 2: Platform Drafting Committee Hearing: Restoring the Soul of America
*  July 15: The Full Platform Drafting Committee Meeting

Add Your Voice to the Platform!


The DNCC has launched a digital engagement campaign inviting voters to share what ideas, values, and beliefs they want to see reflected in the 2020 Party Platform -- a cool way to make your voice heard!

Anyone can record, upload, and share their story or ideas in a brief video message. These videos will be hosted through video content hub Countable, and may even be shown on the convention's website, social media, or during the event in August.

Submit your official 2020 Democratic Party Platform comment by sharing the issues and beliefs that tell the story of who we are as a party.

DemList will once again host the Convention Calendar, profiling all related virtual events nationwide, as well as official party activity, floor schedule and programs. Access is free to all who are SignedUp to follow the DemDaily column. Watch for an announcement soon!

As always, DemList will keep you informed.

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Sources: DNC, DNCC

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