DemDaily: On the Road With Hillary

October 27th, 2016
At 12 days out, the presidential candidates and surrogates are winding down the campaign road trip to final sweeps through tight battleground states where their personal presence can most impact swing voters.

North Carolina: Clinton 46.2% - Trump 43.8%*

For a rundown on Clinton Campaign public events, go to DemList. In the interim, a snapshot of what we know:

Hillary Clinton & First Surrogate Michelle Obama were in North Carolina today for their first joint rally, while VP nominee Tim Kaine was in Ohio before going on to Florida and Michigan over the next 72 hours.

Ohio: Clinton 43.7% - Trump 44.8%*

The Next Week by State
North Carolina: HRC & Michelle Obama (10/27)
Ohio: Kaine (10/27), Bill Clinton (10/29)
Florida: Kaine (Fri,10/28)
Pennsylvania: Bill Clinton (10/28)
Iowa: HRC (10/28 & 10/29)
Nevada: Joe Biden (10/29)
Michigan: Chelsea Clinton (10/29), Kaine (10/30)
Wisconsin: Kaine (11/1)

Iowa: Clinton 40.3% - Trump 41.7%*

On other parts of the trail, surrogates and celebrities are the draw at events in Wisconsin (Cory Booker), Pennsylvania (Bon Jovi, Ben Cohen, Katy Perry), Florida (POTUS, Jennifer Lopez), and Ohio (Jay-Z).

As for the GOP candidates, Mike Pence was in Nebraska and Iowa today, and travels to Pennsylvania and North Carolina on Friday. Donald Trump was in Ohio today and will swing through New Hampshire, Maine and Iowa in the next two days.

Florida: Clinton 46.4% - Trump 44.8%

To help connect and inform the family in the final stretch, DemList will be posting all national and state-by-state Election Protection, Voter Education Organizations and efforts on Our Site.

Please email to add your campaign to the list!

Connecting you to The Party
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Kimberly Scott

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