DemDaily: The Race to Friday’s Finish Line

April 25, 2017
Out of the Gate
Congress is back from Easter recess, and lawmakers face a daunting week leading up to Friday's Budget Deadline and the benchmark 100th Day of the Trump Administration Saturday.

Trump Proposed Budget Cuts (WashPost 3/16)

Republican Members, who are already in an uphill battle to produce a compromise version of the administration's 2018 budget proposal, are competing with the demands of a unpredictable President whose immediate priority is adding to his list of "achievements" before the traditional 100 day milestone for measuring his success.

On March 16th Trump released "America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again," which outlined $54 billion in cuts to programs ranging from foreign aid and environmental protection, to domestic poverty relief -- reflecting his campaign promises to slash funding for key agencies.

Trump's "Blueprint" kicked off a months-long legislative process and debate for passage of a budget before funding for the new fiscal year begins October 1st. In the interim, Congress must pass a measure to keep the government operating past April 28th, when the current fiscal year funding runs out.

              New White House Webpage

Neck and Neck
The true race is an internal one within the Republican Party, and the horses to watch are the President and House Speaker Paul Ryan as they negotiate between perception and reality of what can be accomplished by Friday.

Among the immediate obstacles are Trump's push for a second vote on repeal of Obamacare this week, and inclusion of funding in the budget measure for construction of a US-Mexico border Wall (although Trump appears to be conceding, for now).


From the Stands

In the meantime, the White House, Congress, RNC and the Democrats are waging an intense public relations war, on air and online, for public approval of their respective agendas.

Today WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced the launch of an official White House webage highlighting the accomplishments of "President Trump's First 100 Days," while the Democratic Leadership released it's second day of "Broken Promises" by the administration.
Final Stretch
Congress has until midnight Friday to pass a government funding measure or shutdown government operations until an agreement is reached. DemList will keep you informed on the race to the finish!

Budget Process: DemDaily: Dead on Arrival
DNC Release:    DemDaily: The "Broken Promises" Breakdown

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