DemDaily: Progressives, Protests and Appeal for Unity

August 14, 2017

The last day of Netroots in Atlanta, Georgia was marked by more than just the conference itself.

While an impressive lineup of panels and speakers, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, Dolores Huerta, Ben Jealous and Al Gore addressed some of the 2,500+ netroots attendees, outside protests were ongoing in the Atlanta and Charlottesville, Virginia.

Reproaction and Sister Song, led a protest outside a crisis pregnancy center called Cura Women's Care Clinic, which is one of over 2,000 centers nationwide that masquerade as an abortion clinic and mislead women about their options.

       Civil Rights Leader Dolores Heurta

Meanwhile, in Charlottesville, Virginia, a "Unite the Right" white supremacist protest-turned-riot resulted in the death of a counter-protestor, dozens of injuries and and subsequent protests in other cities nationwide.

Netroots Executive Director Eric Thut opened the closing #NN17 plenary with an acknowledgement of the events in Charlottesville, saying this is a time for "our movement to come together," and called on the crowd to take to the streets following the conference for a vigil and march to City Hall to support those who were injured in the racist incident.

NextGen founder Tom Steyer, "We must invest in the American people."

Speakers referenced the events in a universal appeal for unity among progressives and a call to help build organizational strength on the national and local level -- in or outside the Democratic party.

Others, like former Georgia special election candidate Jon Osoff said, "Democrats are united, no matter what you hear on cable news or in the hot takes ... we don't have to beat ourselves up over the fact that there's a range of views and strategies. Let's get on with it, and take back the House."

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Sources: Netroots, Washington Post, CNN

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