DemDaily: The Party’s Farm Team

As a part of DemList's mission to profile the good work of the democratic family, we are happy to highlight one of the DNC's most important constituency organizations -- the Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO).
The Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) is a non-profit (527) political organization that represents the interests of over 40,000 elected Mayors, City Council Members, and other elected Democratic Municipal Officials.
"We Connect, Engage, and Empower Democratic Municipal Officials"
DMO was founded in 1988 and is a rapidly growing organization with over 6,000 active members, and state chapters in more than 30 states.
Locally elected Democrats are the "farm team" of the party and often have the most direct impact on their voters' daily lives. DMO is a tremendous resource for those who serve in local office - and those who wish to serve.
DMO offers a suite of resources, including political trainings, education, webinars, strategy and policy counsel to its members.
DMO Leadership
DMO Office
Board Member
Home City/State
President Mayor Cindy Lerner Pinecrest, Florida
President Emeritus Alderman Joe Moore Chicago, Illinois
Vice President City Council Member Joe Buscaino Los Angeles, California
Representative to the DNC Mayor Pro-Tem Greg Pettis Cathedral City, California
Treasurer Alderman Ian Pfeiffer Annapolis, Maryland
Finance Chair Council Member Pam O'Connor Santa Monica, California
Deputy Finance Chair Mayor David Mayer Gloucester Township, New Jersey
Secretary City Council Member Patsy Kinsey Charlotte, North Carolina
Policy Council Chair Mayor Debbie Goettel Richfield, Minnesota
State Chapter Council Chair City Council Member Suzie Nakasian Northfield, Minnesota
Alumni Council Chair Council President Chuck Lesnick Yonkers, New York
DMO Board Member City Council Member Leland Cheung Cambridge, Massachusetts
DMO Board Member Council Member Jim Clarke Culver City, California
DMO Board Member Mayor Van R. Johnson II Savannah, Georgia
DMO Board Member Council Member James Mitchell Jr. Charlotte, North Carolina
DMO Board Member Mayor Bill Peduto Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
DMO Board Member Council Member Curren D. Price Los Angeles, California
DMO Board Member Council Member Luis A. Quintana Newark, New Jersey
DMO Board Member Mayor Jeffrey Slavin Somerset, Maryland
DMO Board Member City Council Member Mike Suarez Tampa, Florida
DMO is staffed by Executive Director Barbara Moore and Communications Director Nils Robbins and supported by a national Board of Directors, state chapters, political and labor councils. Funding is provided through DMO's Advisory Board comprising corporate, labor and policy organizations.
DMO Resources
Any Democrat can sign up to support DMO as a Democratic Leader!

State Chapter:  Find your state chapter!

DMO Membership: Elected Municipal Officials
Professional Political Consultant or service provider: Connect with municipal candidates across the country.
National Advisory Board: Labor unions and corporations

DMO@The Convention

DMO President Cindy Lerner & President Emeritus Eric Garcetti

Hundreds of local elected officials from across the US will be attending the Democratic Convention July 25-28th -- and DMO staff will be there to represent their interests and celebrate their presence in Philly.
For more information on DMO convention events and to learn how you can earn a trip to the convention, please contact
We will see you in Philly!
Connecting you to The Party
Connecting you to Each Other
Kimberly Scott

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