DemDaily: Our Holiday Wish!

December 21, 2022

'Tis the week before Christmas
and throughout the Capitol Chambers,
Members and staffers carry out the work
set forth by the Framers.

The great halls will soon be silent,
with Congress on recess,
granted a short reprieve
from the strife and stress.

Candidates are home
all snug in their beds,
with visions of next year's primaries
dancing in their heads.

The voters now left alone
until the start of the election year,
when the battles begin anew,
the lines already clear.

To Uncle Joe and Dr. Jill
Many gifts Santa will bring,
While McCarthy and McConnell
count coal grumbling.

The battle for the soul
of our country, it would appear,
is still playing out
in division and fear,

Over what defines
the American way,
and whether Democracy
will rule the day.

May we all be grateful
for the gift of our voice,
that we live in a country
where we have a choice.

So before we go back
to our partisan ways,
may peace and compassion
guide these precious days.

Until January 3rd then,
when we begin a new year,
We bid you rest,
reflection and good cheer.

Happy Holidays and our thanks to all who have supported DemList over the last year.


Kimberly Scott

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