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November 21, 2016

It has been almost two weeks since the election and many of you are now looking for answers and avenues for channeling your energy and resources.

What are the next steps? With your help, DemList will continue to serve as your source for coordinating and connecting you to the battles ahead.

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DemList relies entirely on individual contributions and advertising to support the significant research, writing and technical work done by a modest two-person staff (no frills here!).

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It is the only free, central trusted source of its kind, dedicated to promoting the important work of Democratic organizations and allies nationwide; and, based on the hundreds of thank you emails we have received - an important one in keeping the troops informed.

Since we re-launched a year ago, DemList has served as the frontline for information -- answering over 1,000 individual inquiries and connecting dozens of activists, organizations, party committees, causes and campaigns to each other in every state.

Through the DemDaily Newsletter, which is followed by activists from every state, we have provided informative daily updates on the presidential, party, issues, campaigns and news.

The DemList National Calendar provides a forum for promoting national, state and local events, and as the central public calendar for the convention, provided up-to-the-minute developments on events, concerts, caucuses,
policy forums, rallies and activity in Philadelphia.

Make a contribution of $50, $75 or $100 or more before November 24th to ensure our continued updates on critical developments and calls-to-action in the coming weeks and months.

"We've got to stay connected to each other. We have to talk about issues and fights that are coming up because we have to be ready to mobilize on certain issues when the time comes."

- Senator Elizabeth Warren

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Kimberly Scott


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