DemDaily: New Voter Reg Deadlines – 15 States & DC Today!

October 11, 2016
Voter Registration is up in 15 States and the District of Columbia Today!
If you live are in one of the following states or DC, your deadline to register by mail is today. Some states offer additional on-line and in-person dates.
No worries, you have options and DemList has all the information you need!
New DeadlinesArkansas' deadline is extended one day due to the postal holiday. Due to weather conditions, South Carolina's by-mail voter registration deadline was extended from October 7 to October 11 and, over the objections of Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Federal judge approved a one-day extension for for Florida voters to October 12th at 5pm.
For a complete list of all state-by-state voter deadlines, and for more details on your state's official voter registration regulations, go to the DemList National Calendar.
October 11th State Voter Registration Deadline
State By-Mail Registration Online Registration In-Person Registration Voter Turnout: 2012 Presidential
Arkansas October 11* n/a October 11*
District of Columbia October 11 October 11 November 8 52.45%
Florida October 12* n/a October 12* 61.37%
Georgia October 11 October 11 October 11 56.48%
Illinois October 11 October 23 November 8 57.29%
Indiana October 11 October 11 October 11 54.35%
Kentucky October 11 October 11 October 11 54.68%
Louisiana October 11 October 11 October 11 59.63%
Michigan October 11 n/a October 11 63.28%
Montana October 11 n/a November 8 60.76%
New Mexico October 11 October 11 October 11 52.74%
Ohio October 11 n/a October 11 62.01%
Pennsylvania October 11 October 11 October 11 57.83%
South Carolina October 11* October 9 October 8
Tennessee October 11 n/a October 11 50.34%
Texas October 11 n/a October 11 48.85%
Utah October 11 November 1 November 1 50.18%
*New Deadlines
If you know someone in these states, pass it on! Every vote counts!
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