DemDaily: Nailing Nevada

February 7, 2024

Nevada Democrats delivered President Joe Biden a nearly 90% victory last night in a resounding endorsement of his renomination.

Although Biden has only minor opposition in the Democratic presidential primary, each state contest is closely watched for the turnout and demographic breakdown of voters as a gauge of his support eight months out from the general election

The first-in-the-west primary was moved up to the official second-place slot in the Democratic Party's new reshuffled nominating calendar -- which prioritizes battleground states, electoral diversity and union representation.

The third-most diverse state in the country. Nevada boasts a 30% Hispanic population and a union representation of more than 14%. Biden won the swing state by just over 2% in the 2020 presidential election.

“Nevada Democrats represent the backbone of our nation: the union workers who built the middle class, immigrants who came here in search of opportunity, and families of all stripes who deserve dignity, personal freedom, and a fair shot at the American dream. Tonight they showed us all: we still believe in an America where we treat everybody with honesty, decency, dignity, and respect. Where we leave nobody behind. I am so grateful for their support.” -- President Joe Biden

Although there was an official Nevada GOP primary yesterday, the results are nonbinding as state Republicans chose to defy a 2021 law requiring state-run presidential primaries, and instead are hosting their own caucus Thursday -- the results of which will be used to allocate their delegates.

The Party barred those participating in the February 6 primary, in which Haley chose to run, from being eligible for the caucuses, setting up Trump for a major victory tomorrow.

While Haley may have bet on a strong primary performance, the strategy backfired as she lost the contest by more than 30% to "None of these candidates" -- a choice on Nevada's ballots.

The Haley campaign, which invested little in The Silver State, responded, “Even Donald Trump knows that when you play penny slots the house wins. We didn’t bother to play a game rigged for Trump. We’re full steam ahead in South Carolina and beyond.”

Next Up
February 8: Nevada Republican Presidential Primary Caucus
February 8: US Virgin Islands Republican Presidential Caucus
February 13: New York's Third CD Special Election
February 24: South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary
February 27: Michigan Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries

DemList will keep you informed.

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Sources: DNC, CNN, New York Times, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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