DemDaily: March for Change, Civil Rights and Charlottesville

August 30, 2017

On Monday, August 28th, a coalition of activists began a 10-day march from Charlottesville, Virginia to Washington, DC.

Their mission: to protest the escalation of "white supremacist violence, rhetoric and policies" under the Trump presidency.

"We are answering the call from faith and community leaders in Charlottesville to dismantle white supremacy in our country by taking their demand for moral leadership to Washington DC." cville2dc

Charlottesville was home to the violent August 12th "Unite the Right" confrontation and riot that ended in the tragic deaths of three people and left dozens others wounded.

Charlottesville: 1967 or 2017?

The public outcry over the tragedy, and President Trump's subsequent remarks defending the white supremacists, reached a tipping point thought already exceeded by a regularly outraged electorate.

The event was also an alarming and uncomfortable reminder of how close we have come to a replay of the 1960s civil rights movement, and the precious legal and human rights earned at the cost of many during those years.

"We are marching to DC in the spirit of love, equality and justice like those before us did in the face of hatred and oppression." - - cville2dc

March organizers include the Women's March, Working Families Party, AFL-CIO, Color of Change, PICO, If Not Now, United We Dream, Center for Popular Democracy, The People's Consortium for Human and Civil Rights, Inc. and more.

This is a time for us to live our values and confront white supremacy in our government and in our history. We are fighting for each other and our common humanity, demanding leadership that will actively fight this ideology of hate, and calling for the removal of all those, including the president, who refuse to do so.cville2dc

The initial group of 200+ marchers who started in Charlottesville, is expected to grow to several thousand by the time they reach DC on Wednesday, September 6th.

The March Timeline & Route

Date Day Destination /Start Destination /End Distance
August 28th Monday Charlottesville Commonwealth  3 mi
August 29th Tuesday Commonwealth Ruckersville 13 mi
August 30th Wednesday Ruckersville Madison 12 mi
August 31st Thursday Madison Culpeper 18 mi
September 1st Friday Culpeper Remington 12 mi
September 2nd Saturday Remington Warrenton 13 mi
September 3rd Sunday Warrenton Gainsville 12 mi
September 4th Monday Gainsville Centreville 13 mi
September 5th Tuesday Centreville Merrifield 11 mi
September 6th Wednesday Merrifield Washington, DC 11 mi

Organizers promise this to be only the beginning of a wave of nonviolent, civil disobedience campaigns to come. DemList will keep updated on developments!

Important Links!
The March Route Map
The March to Confront White Supremacy Website
Join the March Here!

DemDaily: In the Wake of Charlottesville

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