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September 21, 2016

Decisions made at the local government level often have the most impact on our day-to-day lives but, in this cycle particularly, little attention has been paid to the leadership contests at the municipal level.

There are 19,522 municipal governments in the United States that run our towns and cities.
Most of the 758 major cities (populations of 50,000+) operate under the Mayor-City Council model, where officials are directly elected and the Mayor serves as leader of the executive branch, as well as budget and policy chief.

Length of terms, term limits and election dates vary according to individual city charters so elections are staggered throughout the country.

Municipal offices are a stronghold for Democrats, who accounted for 67% of the 100 largest cities' Mayors going into 2016. Of the approximately ¼ held by Republicans, 44% were up for office this year.

Although many cities have officially non-partisan races, we have assigned party designation to candidates based on their endorsements or public affiliations.

Of the six states holding mayor's races on November 8th, three (Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina) are presidential battleground states.

For your information, the final 12 major city mayoral contests - make your vote count at every level!

Top 100 Cities (rank by population)
38 Arizona Mesa John Giles (R/Nonpartisan), Incumbent running unopposed
95 Arizona Scottsdale Jim Lane (R/Nonpartisan), Incumbent
Bob Littlefield 
34 California Fresno
Incumbent Ashley Swearengin (R) not running
Henry Perea (D/Nonpartisan), State Assembly
Lee Brand (R/Nonpartisan), Former City Council
52 California Bakersfield
Incumbent Harvey Hall (R/Nonpartisan) not running
Karen Goh, District Supervisor
Kyle Carter 
57 California Santa Ana Miguel Pulido (D/Nonpartisan), Incumbent
Steve Rocco 
Ben Vazquez (D/Nonpartisan)
64 California Stockton Anthony Silva (R/Nonpartisan), Incumbent
Michael Tubbs (D/Nonpartisan), Former City Council
85 California Irvine
Incumbent Steven Choi (R/Nonpartisan) not running
Gang Chen (R/Nonpartisan)
Mary Ann Gaido (D/Nonpartisan), City Council
David Chey
Katherine Daigle (R/Nonpartisan)
Don Wagner (R/Nonpartisan), State Assembly
97 California Fremont Bill Harrison (D/Nonpartisan), Incumbent
Lily Mei, City Council
93 Louisiana Baton Rouge

Incumbent Kip Holden (D) not running

Primary Election November 8th

General Election December 10th

Bodi White (R), State Representative
C. Denise Marcelle (D), State Representative
Sharon Weston Broome
 (D), Former State Senator
R.J. Bourgeois (R), Former City Council
Rufus Craig (L)
John Delgado (R), City Council
Darryl Gissel (I)
Braylon Hyde (R)
Greg LaFleur (D)
Byron Sharper (D)
Cade Williams (I)
26 Maryland Baltimore

Incumbent Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) not running

Catherine Pugh (D), State Senate Majority Leader
Alan Walden (R), Retired radio personality

Joshua Harris (G)
Frank Logan (I)
Collins Otonna (I)
Nicholas Caminiti (I)
Chukwuemeka Egwu (I)
LaVern Murray (I)
Andre Powell (I)
Sarah Klauda (I)
86 North Carolina Winston-Salem Allen Joines (D), Incumbent running unopposed
39 Virginia Virginia Beach William Sessoms (R/Nonpartisan) Incumbent
George Furman III
Richard Kowalewitch
Don Weeksformer City Council


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