DemDaily: It Starts December 1st

The DemList Calendar, which has been on hiatus for two years, will be live and open to submissions December 1st, less than two weeks away!

DemList is a FREE national Calendar , DemDaily Newsletter and Networking Site for Democratic activists, leaders, party committees, supporters and allies.

Many of you have already been receiving the DemList newsletter, which started publishing again weekly in October, and will transition to DemDailys December 1st.

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The interactive  DemList Calendar  offers  a free forum for all Dems and allied organizations  to submit and promote their verifiable, official or  unofficial, Party, campaign, convention, policy, fundraising, union and voter events - on a local, state or national level.
The only central resource of its kind, the new calendar will launch with:
  • Presidential Primaries & Caucuses
  • State Legislative Sessions
  • Congressional, State & Mayoral Elections
  • Federal Financial Disclosure Reports & Deadline
  • Presidential Debate Schedule
  • State-by-State Voter Registration
  • Democratic & Republican Event Dates
  • Early-Vote and Vote-by-Mail Deadlines
Individual event submissions will be vetted and posted daily for public view starting December 1st, and will be a part of our official roll-out in January.


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