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November 4, 2019

Tomorrow is election day and, while the focus is on the three gubernatorial elections and four state legislative battles, there are statewide, legislative, municipal and ballot measures up November 5th in almost thirty states.

Your vote this Tuesday is critical. Find Out What's on the Ballot in Your State!

November 5, 2019

Arkansas: State House Special

San Francisco's first African American Mayor, London Breed, is up for re-election (Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty)

Arizona: Municipal, School Board, Local Ballot Measure
Key: Proposition 205: Tucson Sanctuary City Initiative

California: State Assembly Special Election, Municipal, School Board, Ballot Measures
Key: San Francisco Mayor's Race to re-elect London Breed (D), Proposition C to overturn a citywide ban on all e-cigarette sales.

Colorado: Municipal, School Board, Ballot Measures
Key: State Proposition CC, allowing the state to retain excess revenue it is currently required to refund under the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR), and directs retained funds to be used for education and transportation purposes.

Florida: Municipal, Local Ballot Measures
Georgia: Municipal, State House Special
Iowa: School Board
Idaho: Municipal, School Board, Local Ballot Measures
Indiana: Municipal
Key: South Bend Mayor's race to replace Pete Buttigieg between James Mueller (D) and Sean Haas (R).
Kansas: Municipal, School Board, State Ballot Measure.
Key: Eliminate Revision of Census Population Amendment

Andy Beshear (D) is in a dead heat in Kentucky Governor's race (KTY AFL-CIO)

Kentucky: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Agriculture Commissioner, Auditor, Treasurer, State Legislative Special, Supreme Court, Appellate Courts, Local Judges & Municipal
Key: In the gubernatorial race, Andy Beshear (D) is challenging incumbent Governor Matt Bevin (R), and in the open Attorney General's race, Greg Stumbo (D) is facing Daniel Cameron (R).
Maine: State Ballot Measures
Key: Question 2, to allow for Alternative Initiative Signatures for Persons with Disabilities
Maryland: Municipal
Massachusetts: Municipal, Local Ballot Measure
MinnesotaMunicipal, School Board

Mississippi: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Public Service, Agriculture, Insurance and Transportation Commissioners, State Auditor and Treasurer, State Senate (52), State House (122) and Special Legislative.
Key:  In the open gubernatorial, Jim Hood (D) is facing Tate Reeves, and in the Attorney General's contest, Democrat Jennifer Riley Collins is opposing Lynn Fitch (R).

(Image: Larimer County LWV)

MissouriMunicipal, State House Specials
New Hampshire: School Board
New Jersey:  State General Assembly (80 seats), State Senate Special Election, Municipal, School Board, State and Local Ballot Measures.

Key: State House, Special between interim State Senator Bob Andrzejczak (D) and Republican Mike Testa.

New Mexico: Municipal, School Board, Local Ballot Measures
Key: Proposition #2, to create "democracy dollars," $25 vouchers that eligible residents could give to local candidates to fund their campaigns.
New York: Municipal, Local Judges, Local Ballot Measures, State Senate Special Election
Key: New York City's Question 1, to establish ranked-choice voting in future primary and special elections.

North Carolina: Municipal, School Board, Local Ballot Measures
Key: Municipal elections for Mayor and local elected officials will be held in 92 North Carolina counties.

Ohio: Municipal, Local Judges, School Board, Local Ballot Measures
Pennsylvania: Municipal, Appellate and Local Judges, State and local Ballot Measures
Key: Philadelphia Mayor's race to re-elect James Kenney (D), Constitutional amendment to adopt Marsy's Law protections for crime victims.

Texas: State House Special Elections, Municipal, School Board, State and Local Ballot Measures
Key: Houston Mayor's race to re-elect Sylvester Turner (D), who is facing 11 challengers. Proposition #4, to amend the state constitution to explicitly prohibit an income tax.
Utah: Municipal

Virginia's Legislative Elections will decide control of redistricting (Bill Clark/CQ-RollCall)

Virginia: State Senate (40), State House (100), Municipal, School Board
Key: Democrats and Republicans are fighting for control of the legislature. Republicans hold a slim majority in the State Senate (21-19) and the State House (51-49).

Washington: Municipal, Ballot Measures
Key: Mayor of Spokane, Seven Seattle City Council seats. Initiative 976, limiting vehicle registration fees and taxes and Referendum 88, concerning the authorization of affirmative action policies.

Other Elections: There are also upcoming elections November 12-December 3rd in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee and Wisconsin, including the Louisiana Governor's race November 16, 2019.


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