DemDaily: What Happens if Trump Drops Out?

While we hate to give ink to Donald Trump, the unprecedented flood of reports over the last 48 hours regarding the GOP meltdown over its nominee's increasingly rogue behavior begs for sharing.

The backlash to Trump's words wars with the beloved Khan family, and his refusal to endorse Senator John McCain (AZ) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (WI), has reportedly sent RNC Chairman Reince Priebus over the edge and has swelled the rank of protestors amongst the party faithful.

The rebellion is not limited to Washington.

Republicans legally elected Donald Trump through their own party system and July 18-21 convention and now, it appears, are stuck with him.

The Polls: FOX NEWS poll (July 31-August 2) shows HRC beating Trump 49%-39%. The same poll shows 69%-19% feel that Trump's response to the Khans is "out of bounds."
Kansas Sweep: In the Red state's Republican primary Tuesday, moderate Republicans ousted conservatives in 10 of 16 State Senate seats and seven House incumbents lost their seats.
New Hampshire: In the Battleground state a
WBUR/MassInc poll has Clinton up 15 points over Trump, and Democratic challenger Maggie Hassan over GOP incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte 50-40.
Colorado: Republican Congressman Mike Coffman, who is in a tight re-election race, is running anti-Trump ads.

Click to see GOP Coffman's anti-Trump ad

Potential Scenarios
1) Force Him Out: There is no legal mechanism under RNC rules for forcing a candidate out.

2) Trump Quits: If his ego succumbs to temper, and the Donald resigns, the RNC bylaws provide for such a scenario.

RNC Rule 9 "Filling Vacancies in Nominations" stipulates that should the party's presidential or vice presidential candidate leave the ticket for whatever reason, the position may be filled either by a reconvening of the national convention or by the party committee itself.

If by committee, the 168 members of the RNC would vote to name a replacement nominee in a process similar to the electoral college. Each state would be entitled to cast the same number of votes as allocated to that state at the convention.

No candidate may be chosen to fill a vacancy except by receiving a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the RNC election.

The new nominee would realistically need to be chosen no later than September 1st to get on the ballot in enough states to compete for the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

3) Who Replaces Him?: Should Trump drop out, potential candidates for the vacancy include House Speaker Paul Ryan (unlikely he would do it), Republican primary runner-up Ted Cruz (who would jump at the chance) and vice presidential nominee Mike Pence (although under the rules, the vice presidential nominee is not given any preferential consideration).

"While I disagree with her on many issues, I will vote for Mrs. Clinton. I will be hopeful and resolute in my belief that being a good American who loves his country is far more important than parties or winning and losing."
- GOP Congressman Richard Hanna (NY)

In the more likely scenario that Trump stays, the GOP has to decide between trying to salvage and support him, or advocate every-man-for-himself to try to save their seats in the US House and the Senate.

Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

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