DemDaily: DNC Doubles Down

August 24, 2019

The final day of the Democratic National Committee meeting in San Francisco, stretched an hour late into the afternoon as members debated the issue that dominated the three-day event -- a DNC-sponsored climate change debate.

A tribute was paid to the late DNC Member and Nebraska Winnebago Tribe member Frank La Mere.

Following morning regional caucuses and state reports, DNC members met in a general session to conduct official party business.

That included commemorating departed Party family members like Frank La Mere, founder of the DNC's Native American Council, while welcoming High School Democrats as the youngest, charter-amended member of the DNC.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, a rising star in the state's Democratic politics, also spoke.

The DNC also officially welcomed Chris Korge, of Florida, as their new DNC Finance Chair to replace outgoing Chair Henry Munoz.

High School Dems Chair Jack Greenspan and Vice Chair Haritha Kumar with CA DNC Member Christine Pelosi

The focal point of the energy, however, was unquestionably the heated debate surrounding the resolution for a DNC-sponsored climate debate, and the language of a resolution advocating a "forum" vs "debate" which passed on Thursday in the Resolutions Committee.

Members of the Sunrise Movement, who were ever-present and very vocal throughout the DNC Meeting and process, chanted "Failure of Leadership" when the decision to table the re-examination of the resolution was defeated by 222 votes to 137.

Opponents pointed to the focus of other issues like poverty and gun control that they felt deserved equal attention if the DNC was to sponsor a "one-issue" debate.

At one point, a DNC member noted that those in line to speak for the pro-climate change debate were all caucasian vs. those in the anti-climate change debate line were people of color, who emphasized the other issues important to the party platform.

DNC Chair Tom Perez and officers (Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty)

Party leadership, including DNC chair Tom Perez, have opposed the idea, insisting it would be unfair to elevate one issue over others.

They also point to upcoming presidential forums in September on the topic hosted by CNN and MSNBC, which will feature the candidates speaking individually on the topic.

The DNC will next meet at the close of the 2020 Democratic Convention, July 13th-16th.

In the interim, DemList will keep you informed.

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