DemDaily: Core of the Party

asdc-people2State Parties are the core of the Democratic party infrastructure and their individual effectiveness and success - from precinct and town, to county and statewide elections - rests on the shoulders of each state's Chair, Vice Chair, ED and their team.

The one constant is the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC), which is under the umbrella of the DNC, and provides training, resources and support daily to all state parties.

ASDC Chair Ray Buckley & Kim Scott at last week's ASDC Meeting in Charleston, SC

ASDC Chair Ray Buckley &
Kim Scott at last week's ASDC Meeting in Charleston, SC

ASDC and its four-person staff is funded through state member dues and works closely with all arms of the national Democratic Party to represent the interests of its members -- which includes all state Chairs and Vice Chairs from the 50 states, DC, the 5 territories and Democrats Abroad.

To contact your state party, ASDC regional officers or staff directly, go to: or the DemList Calendar state pages, which go up December 15th!

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