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July 27, 2020

Yesterday marked 100 days until the November 3, 2020 presidential election and, with now just 21 days until the Democratic Convention, new details of the long-awaited program are coming to light.

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What We Know
The "unconvention convention," held August 17-20, 2020 and anchored in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will be held almost 100% virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A DNC convention slide deck obtained by Politico revealed, for the first time, preliminary details of the four-night event, which will be broadcast from 9:00pm-11:00pm in a shorter program that will feature a theme for each evening.

Historically, the convention program has run from 4:00pm to 11:00pm, with live speeches from elected officials, union and organizational leaders and performances by celebrities, along with votes on official party business.

Earlier this month, DNC officials announced that official party business normally conducted at the convention, including voting on the Party Platform and the reports of the Convention Rules and Credentials Committees, would be conducted virtually by delegates between August 3rd and August 15th.

Political veteran Stephanie Cutter, who is tasked with overseeing the convention program, told Politico, "Speakers are participating from all over the country, not just politicians." Expect more of "everyday Americans saying what's on their minds" and less scripted content.

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In addition to vice presidential and presidential acceptance speeches, there will be one or more speakers appearing nightly from a swing state, including Wisconsin, as well as "plenty of the next generation of leaders."

Viewers can expect a high-quality production, led by Emmy-award winning producer Ricky Kirshner, which will "celebrate the promise of America by featuring the people and their stories that represent the strength and collective humanity of our nation."

Convention Program
*Traditional Night of Speech, event (TBD)

August 17th, Monday
9:00-11:00pm EST
Theme: "A United America"
*Roll Call: Will occur across all 50 states, DC and the Territories
Speakers: *Spouse of Nominee
Swing State Speakers

Michelle and Barack Obama are expected to play a role (Bloomberg)

August 18th, Tuesday
9:00-11:00pm EST
Theme:  "Steady Leadership"
Speakers: *Former President
Swing State Speakers
August 19th, Wednesday
9:00-11:00pm EST
Theme:  "A Future for All"
Speakers: Vice Presidential Nominee
Swing State Speakers


August 20th, Thursday
9:00-11:00pm EST
Theme: "A New American Promise"
Speakers: Presidential Nominee Joe Biden
Swing State Speakers


For the 2016 lineup, go to "Convention Flashback" on the 2020 DemList Convention Calendar, free to all who follow the DemList Daily Column.

The Convention has been moved to the smaller Wisconsin Center (K.Krzaczynski)

For the third Convention, DemList is hosting the events calendar, dedicated to profiling and promoting Party and allied organization events. Submit your virtual events now!


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