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The Cabinet 
Confirmations have slowed down during the past few weeks in Congress as focus shifted to the GOP's failed Obamacare "repeal and replace" legislation, and the ongoing investigations into ties between Trump campaign officials and Russia. 
The Confirmation Process
  • Nominee submitted for review by the relevant US Senate Committee.
  • Senate Committee conducts public Confirmation Hearings.
  • If a majority of Committee approves, the nomination is "voted out" of Committee to a full Senate "floor" vote.
  • Full Senate Vote: A simple majority (51) is required to confirm. If the vote is 50-50, the Vice President casts the tie-breaking vote.
In addition to the Cabinet and Cabinet-level appointments, there are approximately 1200 positions that require Senate confirmation. Of those, 553 are considered "key" appointments (the number decreased with the Trump Administration's restructuring). Here is an update of where the Cabinet stands.
Total Nominated To-Date: 62
The Confirmation Count
Confirmed by the US Senate
Hearings Completed Senate Confirmation
Vote Date
Senate Vote Total
Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly January 10 January 20 88 in favor
11 against
Secretary of Defense James Mattis January 12 January 20 98 in favor
1 against (*Gillibrand)
Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao January 11 January 31 93 in favor
6 against
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson January 11 February 1 56 in favor
43 against
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos January 17 February 7 50 in favor (+VP tiebreak)
50 against
Attorney General Jeff Sessions January 11 February 8 52 in favor
47 against
Secretary of Health & Human Services Tom Price January 18 February 10 52 in favor
48 against
Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin January 19 February 13 53 in favor
47 against
Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin February 1 February 13 100 in favor
0 against
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross January 18 February 27 72 in favor
27 against
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke January 17 March 1 68 in favor
31 against
Secretary of Energy Rick Perry January 19 March 2 62 in favor
37 against
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Ben Carson January 12 March 2 58 in favor
41 against
CIA Director
Mike Pompeo January 12 January 23 66 in favor
32 against
U.N. Ambassador (Cabinet-Level) Nikki Haley January 18 January 24 96 in favor
4 against
Small Business Admin (Cabinet-Level) Linda McMahon January 24 February 14 81 in favor
19 against
Budget Director (Cabinet-Level) Mick Mulvaney January 24 February 16 51 in favor
49 against
Administrator of the EPA (Cabinet-Level) Scott Pruitt February 2 February 17 52 in favor
46 against
Directory of National Intelligence (Cabinet-Level) Dan Coats February 28 March 15 85 in favor
12 against
Completed Senate Committee Confirmation Hearings: Pending Full Senate Vote
Position Nominee Committee Hearing Date Committee Vote Date
Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta March 22 not yet scheduled
Neil Gorsuch
Remaining Cabinet/Level Nominees: Awaiting Committee Hearing
Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue
US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer
The High Court
The highest profile confirmation still pending, however, is that of Trump's nominee to the US Supreme CourtNeil Gorsuch.
While Republicans are waging a $10 million ad campaign to promote Gorsuch, who completed his four-day confirmation hearings last week, Senate Democrats are contemplating filibustering (an extended debate to delay) the full vote.
In a preemptive strike against a filibuster, however, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has threatened use of the "nuclear option," which would change parliamentary procedure to reduce the number of votes needed to stop a filibuster. 
For a rundown on the filibuster and nuclear option processes, see DemDaily: The Nuclear Nomination
As always, DemList will keep you informed.
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Sources:  Washington Post, New York Times

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