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February 17, 2017

This week's count -- following today's confirmation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Confirmed Today

The Cabinet
Nine of the 15 Cabinet or Executive Departments heads have now been confirmed, as well as five of the seven "Cabinet-level" positions.

Labor Secretary Nominee Alexander Acosta

In addition to the Cabinet (which also includes the VP and WH Chief of Staff), there are approximately 1200 positions that require Senate confirmation, 696 of which are considered "key." Total Confirmed To-Date: 34

Most of this week's controversy surrounded the Trump administration's first resignation. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn stepped down after just 24 days on the job due to scrutiny over unauthorized calls to Russian officials prior to being sworn in.

Puzder's replacement, Alexander Acosta, is currently Dean of the Florida International University College of Law, a former member of the National Labor Relations Board, an Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights under George Bush and US Attorney for Florida's Southern District. He is expected to be confirmed.To-date only two Trump nominees have dropped out prior to the hearing stage - Secretary of the Army (non-cabinet) pick Vincent Viola due to business conflicts, and Secretary of Labor (Cabinet) nominee Andrew Puzder - who withdrew following Republican concerns over negative business and personal allegations.

The Confirmation Count
Confirmed by the US Senate
Hearings Completed Senate Confirmation
Vote Date
Senate Vote Total
Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly January 10 January 20 88 in favor
11 against
Secretary of Defense James Mattis January 12 January 20 98 in favor
1 against (*Gillibrand)
Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao January 11 January 31 93 in favor
6 against
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson January 11 February 1 56 in favor
43 against
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos January 17 February 7 50 in favor (+VP tiebreak)
50 against
Attorney General Jeff Sessions January 11 February 8 52 in favor
47 against
Secretary of Health & Human Services Tom Price January 18 February 10 52 in favor
48 against
Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin January 19 February 13 53 in favor
47 against
Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin February 1 February 13 100 in favor
0 against
CIA Director
Mike Pompeo January 12 January 23 66 in favor
32 against
U.N. Ambassador (Cabinet-Level) Nikki Haley January 18 January 24 96 in favor
4 against
Small Business Admin (Cabinet-Level) Linda McMahon January 24 February 14 81 in favor
19 against
Budget Director (Cabinet-Level) Mick Mulvaney January 24 February 16 51 in favor
49 against
Administrator of the EPA (Cabinet-Level) Scott Pruitt February 2 February 17 52 in favor
46 against
Approved by US Senate Committee: Pending Full Senate Vote
Position Nominee Senate Committee  Hearings Completed Committee Vote Date
Secretary, Housing & Urban Development Ben Carson Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs January 12 January 24
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross Commerce, Science, & Transportation January 18 January 24
Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Energy & Natural Resources January 19 January 31
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke Energy & Natural Resources January 17 January 31

Remaining Nominees: Awaiting Committee Hearing

Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue
Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta

US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer
Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats

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Kimberly Scott

Sources: Washington Post, New York Times

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