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October 12, 2018
With just 25 days until the midterms, some key resources for campaigns, voters and those who are looking for a way to help Get-Out-The-Vote!

Collected with the help of our coalition partner, NewFounders, these will help you engage on your own terms, wherever you are -- whether a candidate, activist or citizen voter.

Vote With Me

I only have 5-15 mins per week to give, and I just want to text.
VoteWithMe Urging your friends out to vote is the most powerful thing you can do to take back our country.  VoteWithMe syncs your phone's address book with publicly available national voter records to find people you know who are eligible to vote November 6th. Then, all you have to do is message your friends to remind them to vote!

I love parties and the voting process is a buzzkill.
Spark it up by throwing a voter party!  #VoteTogether is on a mission to get people to either throw voting parties near the election or go to them, and either is fine.
Or, visit a RocktheVote party. It's a celebration of voting starting in mid-October this year. Throw a party, attend a party, make it a party!

I have 20-30 mins right now, per week and I like to talk to people.
Begin making calls now  Swingleft has made it easy process where you can click on a race and instantly begin calling for a progessive candidate!  A call script is provided, a phone number for the candidate, and the process to start this takes literally 40 seconds. If you start now, you can make 8-12 calls in 20 mins.

I just like to code. Give me a pizza, a laptop and a dark room and I am happy.
Ragtag's CampaignHelpDesk has the perfect thing for you! They are ready and waiting to aid candidates and campaigns with tech questions via their new help support line, but need more techsters to help with tech support requests.

I'm too busy, I'm a lawyer.  
Oh no you don't. Get back here. Lawyers for Good Government has over 130,000 lawyers fighting every day on issues as broad as immigration, voter suppression, gerrymandering and more.

Or help protect the vote of eligible voters on your home turf by donating your legal talents to the Election Protection Coalition (100 local, state and national partners).

I want to be hooked in to the center of the action in the few days we have left.
Somos Mas! Votolatino and 80 major partners are dedicated to getting 1 million Latino voters to register to vote. Download their partner app, Voterpal, to make registering friends and family easy.

Sign up for The Last Weekend.  Swingleft and 50+ major partners' killer campaign for GOTV in the final four days before the election.  Every hour counts!

I don't know if I am registered or how to find out.
IWillVote. Confirm where you vote, learn what you need to cast your ballot and commit to vote!

I want to contribute to a good cause dedicated to informing and engaging Democrats and allies.

Have a good weekend. Go out and make a difference!

Connecting you to The Party
Connecting you to Each Other

Kimberly Scott
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