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November 7, 2022

The outcome of tomorrow's elections will come down to boots on the ground and the scramble to make sure every vote is guaranteed, counted and protected.

To help connect and inform the family, DemList has created the Election Protection Connection -- a central source listing trusted, vetted national and state-by-state voter protection resources.

Please pass it on!

Democratic National Committee Voter Information in Your State:

National Voter Assistance Hotlines
Monitored by DNC employees and volunteers to field questions pertaining to voter purging, poll worker misconduct, voter machines, accessibility, felon disenfranchisement, and other issues.
English: 833.DEM.VOTE (833.336.8683)More information
Spanish: 833.DEM.VOTE (833.336.8683). More information
Other: The hotline also takes calls in French, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Tagalog
National Voter Assistance Accessibility Textline: Text “ACCESS” to 43367

Election Protection Coalition
A Coalition of 300+ national, state and local partners: Election Protection Coalition. For questions about voting or if you experience a problem at the polls:

Election Protection Hotlines
English: 866.OUR.VOTE (866.687.8683)
Spanish/English: 888.VE.Y.VOTA (888.839.8682)
Arabic/English: 844.YALLA.US (844.925.5287)
APIA/English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog,
Urdu, Hindi, Bengali: 888.API.VOTE (888.274.8683)
Voting Assistance by Text: Text MYVOTE to 866.687.8683 for help from a trained volunteer
Voting Assistance via Social Media: Starting a conversation on Twitter or Facebook Messenger
@866ourvote, and on WhatsApp (

VoteRiders Helpline: Call/Text 844.338.8743, Email:
or Chat online via site:

ACLU: Voter Assistance and Voting Rights:
Common Cause Education Fund: Report Disinformation!

DemLabs National Election Problem Reporting Map:
Report your elections problems, violations or intimidations! You can include pictures or videos.
Where do your candidates stand on the issue?

Democrats Abroad is running live voter assistance on Zoom through Election Day at Voters may also write to

Alabama Democratic Party Voter Protection Hotline: 833.468.6832
People may call 1.800.485.4767 or text 205.365.1779
Alaska Democratic Party Voter Information:
Alaska Division of Elections: 866.952.8683
Election Protection Arizona:
State Voter Assistance Hotline: 1.833.VOTE.4.AZ (1.833.868.3429)
State Democratic Party: 501.294.2178
State Voter Assistance Hotline: 877.321.VOTE (877.321.8683)
State Voter Assistance Hotline: 720.679.9910
State Voter Assistance Hotline: 877.8CT.VOTE (877.828.8683)
State Voter Assistance Hotline: 833.DEL.DEMS (833.335.3367)
State Voter Assistance Hotline: 833.868.3352
Democratic Party of Georgia:
Voter Protection Hotline: 888.730.5816
Issues at the Ballot Box? Fair Fight Share Your Story
Common Cause Hawaii: 808.275.6275
Hawaii Office of Elections: 800.442.8683
Administrations & Elections Office: 208.334.2852
State Voter Assistance Hotline: 224.990.2200
State Voter Assistance Hotline: 317.261.3820
State Voter Protection Hotline: 888.SOS.VOTE (888.767.8683) or text "QUESTION" (all caps) to 43367

For the remaining states and full list go to DemList's Voter Protection Connection list on our site!

The election will not end November 8th. In anticipation of undecided races and runoffs that may stretch on for weeks, DemList will continue to update this list daily. Please continue to send us your voter protection links.

DemList will keep you informed.

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Kimberly Scott

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