DemDaily: An Emboldened DNC Descends on Philly

February 3, 2023

Democrats descended on the City of Brotherly Love this week for the Winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

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The bi-annual gathering brings together the roughly 450 members of the DNC, most of whom are elected at the local level from each state, DC, the Territories and Democrats Abroad to discuss party business.

The four-day event kicked off with Wednesday's convening of the Association of State Democratic Committees (ASDC), one of approximately 20 affiliate organizations under the umbrella of the DNC.

Thursday and Friday's agenda focused on Caucuses that represent the party's core constituencies (AAPI, Black, Hispanic, Women, LGBTQ, Native American) and Councils that are organized around issues and communities like Labor, Veterans, Rural, Disability, and the Environment, among others.

In addition to regional caucuses, key budget, rules and resolutions committees met in preparation for Saturday's General Session where the DNC as a body will vote on party business -- including a recommendation by the Rules and Bylaws Committee to reshuffle the presidential primary calendar in 2024.

Overall, the meeting has been a tour de force for participants coming off a successful 2022 midterm election that defied the odds, with Democrats maintaining control of the US Senate and losing the House by a fraction of the anticipated GOP red wave that never materialized.

Members, guest speakers, donors and elected officials celebrated Thursday night at a reception hosted by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party that honored Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi.

It was Friday evening, however, when President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took what amounted to a victory lap, that a fired-up DNC rose to their feet in appreciation for the already historic accomplishments of their administration.

Watch for our full wrap-up on the outcome of tomorrow's General Session Monday!

DNC Meeting Schedule

Press & Guests: The caucus and council meetings and
Saturday's general session will be open to the press and the public.
Watch The Meeting: live-streamed on the DNC's YouTube Channel.

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