DemDaily: A Little Holiday Humor

December 23, 2019

Happy Holidays

Twas days before Christmas
and all through the Senate and House
Not a staffer was stirring,
not even a mouse.

The great halls were silent
with Congress on recess,
Granted a reprieve
from the strife and stress.


Candidates were home
all snuggled in their beds,
with visions of primaries
dancing in their heads.

The voters left alone
to ponder the plight,
of the nation's top office
and the ensuing fight --


For the soul of a country
some would say,
and of what defines
the American way.

Until January 6th then,
when we begin a new year
We bid you rest,
reflection and good cheer

May we all be grateful
for the gift of voice,
That we live in a country
where we have a choice.

So before we go back
to our partisan ways,
May peace, patience and joy
mark your days.


A Happy Holidays to all
we wish you well.
Until 2020,
(when we will fight like hell!)

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Kimberly Scott

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