DemDaily: 100 Days Out!

April 18, 2016
We are now less than 100 days out from the Democratic Convention in Philly, July 25-28th.
Whether a watcher or a go-er, DemList - as the recommended calendar, daily newsletter and central resource by Democratic Convention Committee staff - will keep you updated on the convention, presidential, party, players and issues.
During the 2012 Convention, over 10,000 DNC and party officials, electeds, donors, fundraisers, lobbyists, hill staff, labor, celebrities, media and activists from every state, the territories, and 27 countries signed-up to follow DemList - and the list is still growing.
We will be launching a special convention calendar in May, but encourage you to post your national, state and local Party, policy, webinar, fundraising, union and organization events on the permanent DemList Calendar. The Calendar and State Pages, which also include key political, legislative and voter deadlines, provide a free forum for all to use.
But I need your help today to take it to the next level!
Support DemList
DemList Advertising Options (click): Ad options include high visibility web and email banner ads, links across all online platforms, and, for just $250, a designated promotional email featuring your company, message, call-to-action, campaign or fundraising event.
Contribute Personally (click): The $25, $50, $100+ have driven the bus so far. They are a precious thanks.
Your support makes it possible to provide DemList free of charge to the Democratic family. Please contribute today and check out the ad options (pricing is subject to change before the convention).
Thank you for following DemList! Your contribution today helps us keep you informed!
DemList Dog &
Head Intern

Connecting you to The Party
Connecting you to Each Other
Kimberly Scott
Please forward to colleagues, your organization, union and contact lists as a resource and to Sign-Up!

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