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Last night Trump spent more than an hour stoking fears against immigrants and promising policies driven by xenophobia and mass deportation. For families who are targeted by his rhetoric, it was terrifying. But to be an effective alternative, organizers of a march on Monday say it's not enough for democrats to just be not-Trump. They want President Obama and future President Clinton to be an antidote to his hate, to be an anti-trump.


To emphasize the plight of those still suffering, Juntos and the #Not1More have joined forces for an unprecedented Migrant Rights March on Monday morning - through the heart of Philadelphia.

Now, as Hillary Clinton accepts her nomination in Philadelphia, 60 miles west of the city, refugee mothers and their children will still be jailed in the Berks Family Detention Center and more than 600 people will still be deported each day.

The next President will inherit the need to dismantle inhumane policies and a movement that is pushing for immediate relief from the current President in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision."

On June 23rd, the US Supreme Court split 4-4, affirming the lower courts ruling blocking President Obama's deferred action program DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans & Lawful Permanent Residents), leaving millions of undocumented immigrants in fear of deportation.

What: Migrant Rights March at the DNC
When: Monday, July 25th @10:00am
Where: Capitolo Park (9th & Franklin) to City Hall
Who: Juntos and the #Not1More campaign

"President Obama has unused authority that he could use to reverse negative policies before passing them to his successor. We want to make it clear that we expect more, that the people will demand more, from our next President."
- Marisa Franco, Director, Mijente/#Not1More Campaign

The groups fight against unjust immigration laws and advocate for the rights of all people regardless of their immigrant status.

Twitter: #DismantleICE, #Not1More, and #ShutDownBerks

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