DemDaily: The Endorsement Game

June 2, 2016
The endorsement contest is usually an important factor in any presidential campaign -- as a reflection of a candidate's political connections and, often, their personalities.
The early, public support of party leaders and elected officials, particularly in a contested primary, can influence the vote of colleagues and constituents.
Likewise, the organizational strength, funding and voting power that labor unions and nationals organizations bring to the table, have a measurable impact on a candidate's success in any given state (while celebrities have no quantitative affect on the outcome of a race, they make it more fun to follow).
While the Bernie Sanders surge counters some of these traditional patterns on the Democratic side, the nomination of Donald Trump on the Republican side shatters all historic logic.
Never has a party been so reluctant to accept, let alone embrace, a nominee. From today's hesitant endorsement of Trump by US House Speaker Paul Ryan, to the declaration of Trump as "a wise choice" by unstable North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (ahem, personalities?), the Donald takes the prize.
The 2016 Endorsement Breakdown
Elected Officials (#): Govs, Senators, Reps
National Organizations & Labor Celebrities
DONALD TRUMP Governors (17),
Senators (13),
Representatives (40)International:
Kim Jong-Un (N.Korea)
National Labor: National Border Patrol Council

Orgs: Republican Jewish Coalition, National Rifle Association, Rent is Too Damn High Party

Ann Coulter, Brian France NASCAR, Carl Icahn, Gary Busey, Hulk Hogan, Jon Voight, Sarah Palin, Steve Forbes, Steve Wynn, Tom Brady, Willie Robertson, Sean Hannity, Curt Schilling, Stacey Dash, Dean Cain, Fred Williamson, George Brett, Woody Johnson
HILLARY CLINTON Governors (18),
Senators (41),
Representatives (173)
National Labor: AFSCME, AFGE, AFT, Heat Frost Insulators, IATSE, IFPTE, ILA, Ironworkers, Machinists, OPEIU, OPCMIA, Operating Engineers, Painters, Bricklayers, Laborers, NEA, NTEU, N.Am Building Trades, SEIU, Seafarers, Sheetmetal, Carpenters, Plumbers & Pipefitters, UAW, Farm Workers, Roofers, UFCW.

Orgs: Congressional Black Caucus, ANA, Brady Campaign, EMILY'sList, Feminist Majority, Human Rights Campaign, JACPAC, LCV, LPAC, NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, US Hispanic and US Women's Chamber Commerce

George Clooney, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lena Dunham, Kerry Washington, Ja Rule, Robert De Niro, Kim Kardashian, Magic Johnson, Pharrell, Salma Hayek, Steven Speilberg, Tim Gunn, Howard Stern, Chris Rock, Lisa Rinna, Zachary Quinto, Anthony Rannells, Amy Schumer
BERNIE SANDERS Governors (0),
Senators (1),
Representatives (9)
National Labor: APWU, ATU, ILWU, Communication Workers, National Nurses United, NUHW, UE

Orgs:, Democracy for America, Democratic Socialist of America, Working Families Party, Friends of the Earth, Progressive Democrats of America, Armenian National Committee of America, Americans for Democratic Action, Occupy Wall Street, Working Families Party, Peace Action

Susan Sarandon, Spike Lee, Will Farrell, Willie Nelson, Bill Mahrer, Daniel Craig, Shepard Fairey, Mark Ruffalo, Kareen Abdul Jabbar, Neil Young, John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jeremy Piven, Killer Mike, Kal Penn, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Will Arnett, Roseanne Barr
Endorsement lists are not complete. Sources: P2016, AMNewYork, Wikipedia
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