DemDaily: Five States Up Tonight: The Count!

March 8, 2016

At stake in today's five primary and caucus contests tonight: 166 Democratic and 150 Republican delegates.
The current count: HRC leads with 672 Delegates to Sanders' 477.  Among the top Republican contenders Trump is at 384, Cruz has 300, Rubio has 151 and Kasich is bringing up the rear with 37 (these #s do not include superdelegates).
Next on the schedule:
2016 Presidential Primary & Caucus Calendar
8 Tuesday          Hawaii Republican Caucus        Michigan Primary
                                 Mississippi Primary                        Idaho Rep  Primary
                                 Democrats Abroad Primary Closes

12  Saturday    District of Columbia Republican Caucus    

                                Wyoming Republican Cty Conventions  
                                Northern Marianas Democratic Caucus
                                Guam Republican Caucus/Convention
15  Tuesday      Florida Primary             North Carolina Primary
                                 Illinois Primary              Ohio Primary 
                                 Missouri Primary         N. Marianas Rep Caucus
19 Saturday     Virgin Islands Republican Caucus
22 Tuesday       Arizona Primary          Utah Caucus
                                  Idaho Democratic Caucus                                 
                                 American Samoa Territorial Caucus
26 Saturday     Alaska Democratic Caucus
                                 Hawaii Democratic Caucus
                                 Washington Democratic Caucus
1    Friday          North Dakota State Republican Convention
5    Tuesday      Wisconsin Primary
9    Saturday    Wyoming Democratic Cty Caucuses
14 Thursday   Wyoming Republican State Convention
19  Tuesday     New York Primary
26  Tuesday     Connecticut Primary    Pennsylvania Primary
                                Delaware Primary          Rhode Island Primary 

                                Maryland Primary

3     Tuesday      Indiana Primary
7     Saturday    Guam Democratic Caucus
10  Tuesday      Nebraska Republican Primary        
                                West Virginia Primary 
17  Tuesday     Kentucky Democratic Primary
                                Oregon Primary
24  Tuesday     Washington Republican Primary

28  Saturday    Wyoming State Democratic Convention

4    Saturday     Virgin Islands Democratic Caucus 
5    Sunday         Puerto Rico Democratic Caucus 
7    Tuesday      California Primary         New Mexico Primary
                                Montana Primary           North Dakota Caucuses
                                New Jersey Primary      South Dakota Primary
14  Tuesday     District of Columbia Democratic Primary
All states cross-referenced w/ public sources & the FEC. *Dates varied per site. If you are an election or party official and have new updates, please Contact Us.
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