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Our goal is to provide a free and central resource to promote the activity of the Democratic Party on a national and state-by-state basis, as well as the good work of allies, organizations and unions.

Our interactive and informative DemList Event Calendar offers a forum for all Dems and friends to post and promote their verifiable political, party, convention, rally, policy and fundraising events.

Through weekly and “DemDaily” alerts we keep followers updated on Dem Party and related news alerts.

Of perhaps greatest importance is DemList as a vehicle for messaging to decision makers, thinkers and activists nationwide regarding issues, organizing, services and up-to-date information affecting the party and its allies.

DemList.  Connecting you to the Party.

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Kimberly Scott
& The DemList Team


The DemList Calendar is on Hiatus.  We will be re-tooling the calendar in anticipation of re-launching in late 2015. In the interim, sign up for our DemWeekly e-column, starting in September!

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