DemList Background

DemList was originally developed by Democratic political consultant Kimberly Scott for clients and became the “go-to” Calendar of Events for the 2008 Democratic Convention and Inaugural. The list was reliable, verifiable and free from a trusted Insider source.

Due to popular demand, the Calendar was re-launched and officially branded as “DemList” and served as the “unofficial-official” source for all event information, updates and happenings at the 2012 Democratic Convention and Inaugural.

Over 10,000 self-subscribed people utilized the DemList Convention Calendar, including the DNCC, Host Committee, State Parties, Delegates, donors, fundraisers, lobbyists, labor, celebrities and activists from every state.

DemList was featured in Politico, the Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Charlotte Magazine, the Charlotte Observer and Campaigns & Elections and was followed by more than 300 media reps, reporters and bloggers.

Post-2012 Convention, we expanded the Calendar to allow daily posting of Democratic Party and Candidate events, including voter registration drives, canvassing and phonebanks through the election.

To help inform and engage voters through the election, DemList Calendar listed state-by-state voter registration, early vote, and absentee voting deadlines, as well as a homepage Directory of Voting Rights and Resource organizations and their links. Our “Bullies at the Ballot Box,” features a news feed of current voter suppression, intimidation and fraud articles, and sent out in “DemDaily” alerts on breaking voter news.

During the 2012 Inaugural, DemList once again served as the key resource for inaugural events and up-to-date developments for every aspect of the Inaugural.  We communicated with the Inaugural staff daily and acted as the only pro-active source for accurate and reliable information about Inaugural events and information.

We will continue to keep the electorate and Dem fans who have signed up from virtually every state informed on what's happening in the Democratic Party and allied groups.

DemList Calendar is on hiatus, but will re-launch December 1, 2015.


DemList is a free National Network and Calendar for, to and about the Democratic Party and its interests.

Our goal is to provide a free and central resource to promote the activity of the Democratic Party on a national and state-by-state basis, as well as the good work of allies, organizations and unions.

Our interactive and informative DemList Event Calendar offers a forum for all Dems and friends to post and promote their verifiable party, convention, rally, policy and fundraising events.

Though “DemDaily” alerts we hope to keep followers updated on Dem Party and related news alerts.

Of perhaps greatest important is DemList as a vehicle for messaging to decision makers, thinkers and activists nationwide regarding issues, organizing, services and up-to-date information alerts affecting the party and its allies.

DemList. Connecting you to the Party.

Connecting you to each other.



Kimberly Scott, Publisher (click for bio)

Brian Barrie, Communications Consultant

Ashley Morehouse, Associate

Joe Sandler, Legal Counsel 
Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock